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Review: Dent May Gets Cosmic in New Video, “Across The Multiverse [Feat. Frankie Cosmos]”

The concept of the universe and the infinite possibilities it holds has always been a source of inspiration for deep thinkers. It’s no wonder Dent May’s newest single, “Across The Multiverse [Feat. Frankie Cosmos]” has such a cosmic sound, literally!

Based out of LA, Dent May’s musical stylings combine elements of synth pop, indie rock, psychedelic pop, and new wave. This unique mixture results in an undeniably charming sound with a retro pop flair.

May’s newest release is a music video for “Across The Multiverse,” a song about a love that transcends space and time in order to be. It’s catchy and fun with an immediately indearing premise. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a good love song? Especially when it’s a love larger than the cosmos. The melody is light and catchy, with an almost etherial feel. It wouldn’t feel off to listen to this song while stargazing with a special someone. The vocals are pleasant on the ears, and feel genuine, with poetic lyrics that evoke grand images of the forever that is space, and through that perspective, the unlikely collision of two hearts into one love.

Both the song and the video are mildly reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Video Killed The Radio Star” with scientific themes and similar, quirky synth pop stylings. However, May’s track feels warmer with a more personal touch. Where as “Video Killed The Radio Star” is making a statement about pop culture, “Across The Multiverse” is making a statement about the heart.

The video itself has a similar retro vibe, with mild sci-fi themes and wonderfully artful shots. The color scheme in the video is especially vibrant, mirroring the larger than life nature of the love described in the song. The mixing of aesthetic shots of the female love interest with shots of May from his secret laboratory was an interesting choice. At face value the way he’s watching her through his screen seems rather odd, but it is quickly made apparent that this is not a voyeuristic gesture. He is not watching her as she is, but rather comparing her to an astroid about to strike his planet, which seems to be the literal case in the video.

“Across The Multiverse” is a fun song with an equally fun video. It’s light, and is guaranteed to lift any mood with its unique sense of grader and heartfelt nature.

Rating: 4/5

Watch: “Across The Multiverse” by Dent May

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