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Salute Spotlight: 5 Independent Artists You Need To Check Out (08/23/2017)

Another week, another set of awesome bands and artists to check out.

Salute Spotlight is dedicated to showcasing talent from all over that might have otherwise slipped under the radar. From rock, to rap, to EDM and everything in between, we’ve got it covered.

my-neon-with-eid4Everyone is Dirty

Everyone is Dirty is an art rock band hailing from sunny California with a sound that is pure fire. Their new album, My Neon’s Dead is set to drop September 28, and it is well worth the wait. The album is the brain child of the band’s lead singer/electric violinist, Sivan Lioncub, who almost died due to a penicillin allergy back in 2015. The songs on this upcoming album were written and recorded around that time. “They are the soundtrack to [her] toxic morphine haze.”

Not only is Lioncub incredibly creative, taking a life threatening experience and turning it into art, she is also passionate about her role as a woman in the music industry.

“I am a feminist, and being a female in music wielding a crazy electric violin; that gender freedom, female freedom, letting your freak flag fly,” shares Lioncub. “I want to explore how important it is to see a woman in the front doing something weird and different, carving out a new map. By shredding on this instrument in a flashy costume and gyrating around like Jimi Hendrix, I think that’s a different picture of a woman in a band than usual. ”

Everyone is Dirty is definitely a band with a lot going for them. 100% worth checking out.

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As their name suggests, Lovepools is “indie rock for hopeless romantics.” Based out of LA, Lovepools is the brain child of Anthony Shea, although maybe lovechild would be more appropriate; melding an alternative rock style with heartfelt, witty lyrics and warm instrumentals. The song structures are almost poetic, making excellent use of internal rhyme schemes. They came onto the scene on May 1, 2016, with their debut EP, Safely In My Loveseat.

Their newest single, “See You In The Funny Papers” recently dropped on August 12, and it is a lot of fun. There’s an edgy vibe to their sound that definitely makes this a track to come back to.

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Since the release of their debut EP, A Thousand Years, back in 2013, t0 their new single, “Someone Else,” typeface has been keeping their game strong and their craft sharp. With quite a repertoire of dark, edgy indie jams under their metaphorical belt, they’re sure to become a favorite quickly. Their sound is mysterious and catchy, and their origin story is rather unexpected.

“The band was originally born when we were asked to play in a Jaakko Teppo-musical. After the show we decided to play our own material only” –Vocalist Otto Piirilä

As of late, the group has been working on new music, and we can’t wait to hear what they have in store.

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screen-shot-2017-08-22-at-11-32-47-pmMojave Red

“An introspective and slightly nihilistic portrayal of night life in the urban sphere.”

The Texas-based trio, Mojave Red, combines the best elements of R&B, pop, and heavy psych-rock for a sound that is both unique and addicting. Their sound is absolutely dreamlike, with a great flow that’s super easy to vibe to. Their newest single, “Fading Out” was released on July 30, and is available on all platforms. The vocals on this track are hypnotic, and the melody is smooth and catchy.

They also happen to be in the middle of their Fading Out Tour.

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Davvn came to be when Mike and McCall met during their last year at college in Boston, and the rest is history. The duo uses their combined creativity to give way to impressive electronic jams with the smoothest flows for your listening pleasure.

Their newest single is called “Hold This Love,” and it is a treat. The sound is warm and relaxing, and the vocals are absolutely beautiful. The lyrics evoke beautiful imagery while the sound puts listeners into a euphoric trance. When in need of a feel-good track to release all the negative energy life has thrown your way, definitely give Davvn a listen.

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