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Kandee Johnson Collabs With Too Faced Cosmetics On “I Want Kandee” Collection

“I Want Candy” or “I Want Kandee”

Too Faced Cosmetics has always been that sweet-scented, fun makeup brand. Their products almost always has the scent of sugary sweets or chocolate, like their Chocolate Bar palette that literally smells like chocolate. It’s only natural to have Kandee Johnson team up with them, and the brand’s cofounder and chief creative officer, Jerrod Blandino, had to make it happen.

According to Glamour, the two have been close friends in the industry for years, so it was about time Johnson collaborated with Too Faced. She’s also a hardcore makeup guru and does makeup for fun, so now Johnson can finally create her very own makeup products to share with her adoring followers.

They actually announced the collaboration back in January (I know, basically a decade ago) and the launch is finally happening on Sept. 3, so we can now peek at the products from the collection on their website. Can we take a moment to see how fitting the name of the collection is — “I Want Kandee.”

One of the products from the collection is their I Want Kandee Candy Eyes Palette that’s priced $45. The palette is shaped like a vintage chocolate tin, and also smells like chocolate — no surprise here. “These are my go-tos that will look good on everybody,” Johnson tells Glamour. “They’re easy, not complicated. I’m not teaching you how to do an Easter-egg eye. Most people don’t go out wearing that kind of makeup. I wanted for people to be able to go out every day and look pretty.”

Her favorite shades? Johnson has a good taste. “My two must-haves are Licorice Rope, because you always need a good black,” Johnson says. “Even if you do a liquid liner, putting black shadow over it helps soften the line out and makes it look smoother and more perfected. And then I wanted a good collection of base colors. The Banana Cream Pie base with the yellow tones [far left, at bottom] was important because our eyelids are so thin that anytime you have yellow in an eyeshadow base, it’s going to knock the purple and redness out.”

Their next product, I Want Kandee Candy Glow Highlighter Stick that goes for $30, has been getting a lot of attention. The highlighter stick glides on smoothly and gives off a pearl-like, glittery finish. “I don’t like when a highlighter looks like a bronzer on your face,” Johnson says. “A lot are almost too golden. This is pretty on light and dark skin tones because it blends easily. It’s sparkly but doesn’t look crazy.”



The I Want Kandee Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks, that are priced for $21 each, comes in four stunning colors. Melted Ice Cream (a pale beige and Johnson’s favorite), Freshly Baked (a pinky brown), Sweet and Sour (a red orange), and Tropical Punch (a bright fuchsia). “I love Melted Ice Cream because you can put it on with lip liner or add it to any of these colors and it becomes a totally new shade,” Johnson says. “No matter what I’m wearing, I always dab this color right in the center and on the top. I take my finger and tap it inward—some people just pat and blend out—but if you press and go in, that’s what makes your lips look fuller and more rounded.” Did we mention that these liquid lipsticks taste like crème brûlée? I’m all in.


Too Faced Cosmetics

The Too Faced I Want Kandee Banana Pudding Brightening Power, that is priced for $30, is one of the best and cutest products in the collection — even Blandino and Johnson wouldn’t stop ranting about it. The yellow-tinted brightening powder helps color-correct dark areas that is mainly under your eyes. “You want the part under your eye to look flat in photos,” Johnson says. “So when you put the yellow powder underneath, it knocks out those blue and purple tones to make you look more rested and awake. I’d use a sponge or a brush to apply it, but if you’re in a rush you can even use your fingers to tap it on—even if your makeup is already done. I always do that right before a photo shoot.”

Last but not least, the I Want Kandee Candy Liner, priced at $18, is a jet-black liner that helps you create that ideal cat-eye. “This eyeliner is like a tattoo. It doesn’t come off,” says Johnson. “It has a special applicator with a flat edge, so you can just stick your wing and then fill it in. It’s great for beginners.” You can make your wings as sharp as a knife with this bad boy.

The collection will be launched in Sept. 3 in Ulta Beauty stores and on their website.

Check out Kandee Johnson’s videos on her YouTube channel.

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Featured image courtesy of Allure.

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