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Lady Gaga Announces Five Foot Two Documentary

The pop star shares her story

In a series of Instagram posts, Lady Gaga just announced her newest project, a documentary titled Five Foot Two. The documentary will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before making its arrival to Netflix September 22nd.

Acclaimed filmmaker Chris Moukarbel directed the documentary, following Gaga around for a year to make the film. The raw, deeply intimate portrait of the mega-star gives viewers a glance into her life as she grapples with everything from “relationships to health issues, from finding solace in her inner circle to conquering her insecurities.”

Moukarbel spoke of the documentary saying,

“I had the rare opportunity to create a portrait of an artist with such an open heart and mind. I feel really lucky that Gaga trusted me and my vision.”

Gaga’s Instagram posts previewed several clips from the documentary, some of which include preparing for a medical procedure, flying to the top of the NRG Stadium for her legendary Super Bowl performance, and grappling with the loneliness that comes with living in the public eye. In the clip Gaga sobs saying,

“I’m alone every night, and all these people will leave. They will leave and I’ll be home alone. I go from everyone touching me all day, and talking at me all day, to total silence.”

Gaga released Joanne, her most recent album, this past October. She is currently touring the country for the album.

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