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Frank Ocean Surprises Fans with New Song on Radio Show

A great surprise for fans

Frank Ocean unexpectedly dropped a brand new single under everyone’s nose on Sunday, Aug. 27. He chose to release “Provider” during his Beats 1 Radio show, “blonded Radio.” Ocean also released a unique lyrical video only available on his website. It’s a classic throwback scene with a giant boombox and speakers playing a cassette tape. Hello Kitty also makes a surprise appearance. The famous kitten’s head is found hopping around the screen as the lyrics are highlighted. It’s a video that is guaranteed to get people talking, even premiering on the same night as the always gossip-worthy VMAs and Game of Thrones finale.

Ocean has become accustom to the music scene. After getting his start with Tyler, the Creator by participating with Odd Future in 2010, Ocean released his first solo mixtape Nostalgia in 2011 to rave reviews. He showed the world he was an artist worth recognition. His resume includes writing credits for megastars Justin Bieber, John Legend and Beyoncé.

“Provider” is another example of Ocean’s talent and staying power. The song itself is a classic slow-jam that excites and electrifies. The New Orleans native has become commonly associated with jazzy sounds of electric keyboards and subdued rhythms. “Provider” showcases those attributes creating a relaxed atmosphere of melodies mixed perfectly together.

This isn’t the first time a song has been premiered on “blonded RADIO.” Previously, “Biking (Solo)” and “RAF”, an A$AP Rocky collaboration, have been released via this show. It’s a smooth way to intrude the world to new music. It’s also a different model of letting everyone know that Frank Ocean does the music industry his own way.

In July he even drafted Brad Pitt for an intriguing art piece during his FYF Fest. It was a bold move that came after Pitt revealed during his GQ interview in May, that Ocean’s 2016 album Blonde helped him through his divorce.

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