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Astros-Rangers Series In Houston On Hold As Harvey Continues To Be A Huge Idiot

I’m pretty positive that people in charge started giving big storms human names so that we can swear at them by name, like they’re people. I’ve never experienced a hurricane firsthand, and I’d really prefer to never have to. According to CNN Hurricane Harvey, one of the top five biggest jerks on earth right now, has dropped over 11 trillion gallons of water on Texas, and experts predict that the total rainfall will total around 25 trillion gallons by the time all is said and done.

First off, I’m very grateful we have people in the world smart enough to figure that out, and secondly, thoughts and prayers are headed to all the people affected. Having lived in areas near Corpus Christi for a time, my heart goes out to the incredible and hard-working people of South Texas.

In the baseball world, a Rangers-Astros series scheduled to begin Tuesday in Houston has been wisely postponed by Major League Baseball. The teams are currently waiting in Dallas to receive instructions about how to proceed.

“Baseball is secondary right now,” Houston manager A.J. Hinch told the Associated Press. “Our schedule, our flight times, where we’re going to be, the buses, like all that stuff is meaningless compared to what everybody is suffering through.”

Major League Baseball and MLBPA have pledged a $1 million donation to assist in recovery efforts in Texas. The sixth largest school district in the nation has been shut down after flooding, and 62 Texas counties have been included in a disaster declaration issued by governor Greg Abbott.

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