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DJ Kay Slay’s New Single Features Kendrick Lamar & Mac Miller

The collaboration that doesn’t stop

A new collaboration has been thrust upon us. Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Gates and Mac Miller are all featured on DJ Kay Slay’s new hit, “Cold Summer.” This new track has all the best elements of a great rap and hip hop song. Kendrick Lamar has been finding great success with his most recent album, DAMN. He’s been on fire all summer. Having his name attached to the project was a wise move on Kay Slay’s part.

All three rappers make waves on their respected verses. They aren’t outdoing each other like some artists do being featured on the same song. These three take their turns and remind listeners why they’re in this business to begin with.

This summer, Kay Slay revealed that his new album, The Big Brother would be a star-studded ensemble of talent. “Cold Summer” showcases that in the best way.

“I felt that I owed a solid collaboration to the fans who been looking forward to this type of album for years. The Big Brother is here!” Kay Slay said about its track list. This album is the New York veteran’s way of giving the people what they want.

Lamar kicks the first verse of “Cold Summer” off with his smooth voice. He’s rapping about people not being able to handle his presence as they “evacuate the building when I come through.” He calls out Mac Miller for the next verse.

Miller comes out strong as well. He hollers right back at Lamar. “Me and Kendrick on a track, man, that’s bad news.” It may be bad news for any of their haters, but it’s great news for hip hop fans.

The ensemble rounds up with Kevin Gate’s verse proclaiming his money making schemes are gold. Gate’s doesn’t call attention to the other rappers. He doesn’t need to though. The song is likely to be a tremendously popular single.

It’s the right way for Kay Slay to re-introduce the world to his music.

Check out DJ Kay Slay Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller & Kevin Graves:

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