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East Inspires West: Why Asian Fashion has Inspired Western Style

Asian fashion has been the stem of many trends in the western world, why is eastern style so appealing to westerners?

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From the time of foot binding to trends in beauty like winged eyeliner and Korean skin care routines, Asian fashion and beauty have been key inspirations in the western world. What is it about eastern style that continues to inspire designers and beauty experts alike to draw inspirations for products and designs from the far east culture?

When thinking about modern style, you cannot go far without thinking of an artist who has been inspired by Asian influences. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and Nicholas Ghesquiere have all drawn inspirations from the culture in their designs, some of them being their most famous. The most famous art/fashion collaboration in history is that between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami during Marc Jacobs’ tenure as creative director.   Although it was Murakami’s art that made the collection so attractive to the masses, the artists credited Jacobs for their successful collaboration in an interview with Bazaar.

“The credit for the success of the Louis Vuitton Multicolore project belongs to Marc Jacobs. He was the creative director, and I followed his direction. A single lifetime is not enough to express the gratitude I have to him for making it into a collaboration with such impact. If Marc were to ever call on me again, I would rally to the task in an instant”. -Takashi Murakami

Eastern culture is one of beauty and simplicity, but also fearlessness. When one thinks of the fashion mecca’s of the world, some of the most creative are in places like Tokyo, and Shanghai. The young people of these countries are pushing the envelope between fashion, fantasy, and innovation. They aren’t afraid to dress up like a porcelain doll like Lulu Hashimoto or mix streetwear with high fashion.

This fearlessness combined with the beauty of eastern architecture, culture, and nature all tie into what makes eastern culture such an exquisite inspiration for western fashion over the years. The mixture of freedom and structure that are consistent with Eastern culture is what keeps brands coming back to artists like Murakami to collaborate.

As we move further into the 21st century, eastern culture will be a large influence on the fashion of the overall world. As the youth of the east travels to the west, their insanely innovative style will no doubt cross over to the western masses.

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