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Mixtape of the Week: Emani ‘The Made Woman’ Drops Debut

‘The Manual’ – Emani

Emani (pronounced “EE-Money”) shows she is much more than just the spouse YNT Empire CEO and former-Hot Boys rapper, Turk, on her debut mixtape, The Manual, available for free via

19989664_1389690027795257_1338372448240069662_nIn an recent interview on her Facebook page, the Memphis, Tenn. rap artist opened up about her relationship with Turk, her time spent in jail, giving birth two twins, battling with Breast Cancer, and a newfound dedication towards her craft.

“It’s basically inspiring women to be all they, all they want to be,” Emani says of her “Made Woman” slogan. “Don’t put limits on yourself, don’t let life know you down. Just keep rolling. If you stop, it’s because you allow yourself to be stopped.”

During the interview, she explains how overcoming several obstacles was what inspired her to work on recording new music and how she hopes it will help motivate other young women to aspire to achieve their full potential.

“Basically, I’m just using my life experiences as instructions,” she said. “A ‘manual’ of how to put all the negative shit together, every aspect of your life, put it together and make it do what it supposed to do. You’re supposed to be happy with your life and don’t let anybody take that away from you.

Right from the start, Emani shows her ferocity on the trap-heavy opening track, “Might As Well,” which she follows with club bangers “Fully Loaded” and “Oh Yeah (feat. Hot Boy Turk). And she certainly doesn’t hold back with her first single,”Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” which takes it name from ’70s R&B song by The Persuaders, which producer Chopper Chopper samples for the track.

“Whatever type of relationship, sometimes, people can get to the point where you feel like you need them and without them, everything is going to fail,” she explains in the video. “At that point, you kind of have to remind people, that ‘before you found me I was already doing this.’ That’s where it took me when I heard the beat. It’s a thin line.”

“Fuck up the World” is an uplifting, anthemic kind of track that shows Emani is much more multifaceted. The DJ Swift813 beat is definitely one of the more noteworthy productions on the mixtape, followed by the track, “I Did That,” featuring Hot Boy Turk and producer JoeyDidThis. Another noteworthy track is “Nothing In This World” featuring Trackman, who previously directed Turk and Emani’s music video, “I Did That,” on their collaboration The Real Love and Hip-Hop.

The mixtape is about 15-tracks-long and also features work by producers, Lil Dutty, TrapDrummaYoshi, and KLVN. It’s short and sweet, yet punchy and to the point. It’s also interesting enough to have put the empowered female rapper on our radar.


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