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Salute Spotlight: 7 Indie Artists To Look Out For

With so many awesome artists out there it’s tough choosing only 7 to feature, but after much consideration here are this week’s top independent artists to look out for!

Salute Spotlight is dedicated to featuring the talented indie artists you may not have heard of, spanning across all genres for maximum coverage. You want it? We’ll deliver.


Pawl is a 21 year-old Swedish artist and producer who’s super catchy EDM jams earned him the praise of none other than The Chainsmokers.

His tunes are not only guaranteed to get anyone dancing, they’re also composed with purpose.

“My new single ‘Trust Fund Kids’ is about the people who have to fight their way up,” says Pawl about his newest single. “We don’t all grow up with the same kind of security and safety nets around us and we don’t all have the same opportunities to succeed in life. Sometimes, you have to create your own opportunities instead I wrote the full instrumental one late night in LA and then I went back home to Sweden and put the lyrics and melody together with illi. It turned out to be the perfect match”.

The singer featured on “Trust Fund Kids” goes by the name illi. After many years weighting for others, she has finally made her debut teaming up with Pawl, and what a way to make an entrance!

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robvalentineRob Valentine

Hailing from South Dennis, Massachusetts, Rob Valentine is without a doubt one name to look out for. Rob has been pursuing his music career since 2009, with his sound combining elements of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rap to create songs that do right by him.

His jams are described as “eye opening and enjoyable,” and have some of the smoothest flows out there. Not only that, but his delivery is spot-on every time. This guy is definitely worth checking out.

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Benbo wants it to take your pain away, with his music that is. With a uniquely charming indie sound, he’s guaranteed to work his way into your heart in no time at all!

His songs are a little quirky, in an artistic sense. He is unique, and he is not afraid to show it. The lyrics are poetic and paint vivid, if not occasionally surreal images for listeners to view with their mind’s eye. This ability to conjure image from sound makes perfect sense, as Benbo is also an experienced cartoonist.

His newest album, EVERYTHING IS FINE is set to drop September 29 via PKLZD, and is well worth the wait.

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skeezBig Skeez

Four years ago Big Skeez came onto the scene with the intention of leaving his mark on the music world.

With a sound that melds elements from a variety of genres and eras, it’s safe to say this his name will definitely be known. His songs have great energy, and are easy to dance along to.

He is currently deeply engaged in collaborative efforts to revolutionize the Australian hip hop scene with his catchy beats and stellar flow.

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Atwaters is a hip hop artist from Gainesville, Florida, who is currently living in South Korea, undoubtedly taking it by storm!

Back in February he released a video for his song “These 3 Words.” The song’s upbeat tempo and impressive lyrical stylings will uplift any mood. The video itself is aesthetically pleasing, with beautiful, vivid shots of Atwaters making his way through Hong Kong.

He is currently performing throughout South Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan.

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georgiaGeorgia Meek

Georgia Meek is a pop singer with a serious set of pipes. With 13 years under her belt, it’s no wonder why the 23 year old performer has such a refined sound.

Her voice is strong and clear, and her control is impressive. She also plays the guitar and piano, as well as producing songs on her own.

Her single, “Anti Social” dropped two moths ago, and it’s easy to feel the emotion exhuming from this relatable tune. She definitely has what it takes to make it big, and music fanatics should keep an eye on her and her future endeavors.

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lonheadersoundLon Lon

Lon Lon is an amazingly fun alternative rock band with a fun name to boot!

Their sound is high-energy and super catchy, with songs that will make listeners get up on their feat and dance around. With strong vocals, beats that you can feel in your soul, and impressive guitar solos, these guys undoubtedly enjoy what they do, and give it their all.

Their band bio describes them as a “sexually-charged salsa band from muggy Tijuana,” which shows that they also approach what they do with a healthy sense of humor.

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