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Exhaustion Forced The Weeknd to Blow Off the VMAs

Time to take it easy

Anyone that is wondering what happened to new-waveish pop star The Weeknd at the VMAS can rest easy now that the answer has been revealed.

The star behind the massive hits “Starboy,” “Earned It (50 Shades of Grey), “Sidewalks,” and “The Hills” basically blew off his appearance and performance because he was well…tired.

According to TMZ, he ditched that and a Grey Goose event simply because he needs a break after an extensive tour schedule which resumes next week and rolls through December.

The Canadian stalwart was up for four awards at the show that otherwise went off without a hitch.

While it’s tempting for many to take the ‘poor little pop star is tired’ route, having covered dozens of tours, this voice is able to say that this grind is hard on the body and soul.

Checking out his remaining tour dates below, it’s easy to see how a trek that’s touching down on multiple countries and continents can wear a man down.

All but the 9/22 date features Nav, most feature Gucci Mane and a few select dates feature French Montana.

Check your local market for details.

Dates: The Weekend: Starboy Legend of the Fall Tour

09/06/2017 University Park, PA

09/09/2017- Toronto, ON

09/12/2017 Boston, MA

09/15/2017Washington, DC

09/16/2017-Philadelphia, PA

09/19/2017Columbus, OH

09/20/2017- Indianapolis, IN

09/22/2017- Las Vegas, NV

09/24/2017- Saint Paul, MN

09/26/2017-Kansas City, MO

09/27/2017-Lincoln, NE

09/29/2017-Denver, CO

10/02/2017-Edton, AB

10/05/2017- Vancouver, BC

10/06/2017-Portland, OR

10/08/2017- Oakland, CA

10/11/2017- Sacramento, CA

10/13/2017- Anaheim, CA

10/14/2017- Las Vegas, NV

10/17/2017- Houston, TX

10/19/2017- San Antonio, TX

10/21/2017- Tulsa, OK

10/24/2017-Miami, FL

10/28/2017- Columbia, SC

10/29/2017- Nashville, TN

11/01/2017- Detroit, MI

11/02/2017- Chicago, IL

11/29/2017- Auckland, New Zealand

12/02/2017- Sydney, Australia

12/03/2017- Sydney, Australia

12/06/2017- Boondall, Australia

12/08/2017- Melbourne, Australia

12/09/2017- Melbourne, Australia

12/11/2017- Hindmarsh, Australia

12/14/2017- Perth, Australia

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