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Converse Debuts New Series Starring Miley Cyrus

Converse Releases New Video Series Called Public Access

Converse is unveiling a new video series called Public Access that focuses on youth culture today. The series is going to air on Twitter on Tuesday, September 5th. The first two episodes star Miley Cyrus and Game of Thrones’ star, Maisie Williams.

Public Access has been created to help young girls and boys feel comfortable expressing themselves and being exactly who they are. Each episode will feature different actors and actresses, artists, and other young people who are working to make a difference in the world.

The video series aims to make our youth culture feel safe and welcome, as the show’s guests will discuss topics that most young individuals have to deal with at one time or another. Miley Cyrus’ episode will also feature her twenty-three year old sister, Noah Cyrus.

Maisie’s episode features other actresses, R&B singer, Syd and a seventeen year old successful chef. Her episode will be the first to air on September 5th, with Miley’s following shortly after.

Public Access will show us some of the amazing things our youth is doing today, as well as hopefully make young viewers feel comforted, motivated, and welcome.

photo from High Snobiety

photo from High Snobiety

Click here to watch the newly released trailer which shows us clips of Maisie and Miley in different interviews and situations. For example, in one scene Miley is in a pool wearing an American flag bathing suit, pouring water out of a drenched Converse sneaker. The vibe of the teaser is quirky, laid-back, and fun which should definitely appeal to their intended younger audience.

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