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Family is Forever with Black Ink Crew: Chicago

The most recent episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago is centered around family and relationships.

One of the down points of the episode is the health of Charmaine‘s mother. She flew into town to visit her baby, and in the process, delivered the news that she’s in stage four of kidney failure. If she reaches stage five, she will have to be put on dialysis. Charmaine immediately starts to think about life without her mother. As a 27-year-old single woman with no kids, the death of her mother would cause her to miss out on a lot of things in Charmaine’s life.

While Charmine thinks about possibly losing her mother, Phor is still dealing with the loss of his father. Since losing his father, a mysterious woman has appeared claiming to be his cousin. She’s even offered to connect him with some of his long lost relatives. Unfortunately, things with Phor’s alleged cousin aren’t going as well as he hoped.

Phor is excited to meet his alleged cousin’s mother, who is the person who can put together most of the pieces of his father’s history into place. He and his brother Don arrive at the cousin’s house and later find out that her mother isn’t coming. Disappointed, he leaves and decides to distance himself from her for awhile, until she pops up at the shop. With Phor’s girlfriend Nikki there, the visit turns into an altercation. Nikki decides to confront the cousin and eventually wants to fight her.

Phor’s brother Don is having trouble adjusting to a change in his household after his wife Ashley decided that she wants to quit her job and stay at home. Now he’s more tired than ever since he’s working two jobs to maintain their household. Now exhausted from working so much, fulfilling his husbandly duties is even becoming a job.

Later on, the crew gets together to do a good deed and Ryan makes a comment to his baby mama, Rachel, that he wants another girl. She replies with saying that he will get a child when she gets a ring. Feeling the pressure, Ryan expresses in his interview that a proposal is definitely on his mind, but he wants to do it in his own time.

Van is also having trouble with his girlfriend Jennifer, who also wants a ring. But their relationship might be in trouble after he asked her for space. Both parties are upset with each other and are currently taking a break.

Newcomer Lily is having issues with her cousins. When she moved to Chicago, she was forced to move in with them. However, they’re mothers and don’t approve of her lifestyle. It’s causing problems between the three, so she decided to leave. Cobra offered to give Lily one of her three bedrooms and the girls will be the first 9Mag roommates.

Teasers for next week show that the two female tattoo artists might not be getting along as much as they thought they would; and a fight breaks out between the two.

WATCH: A Clip of Lily Having Trouble with Her Cousins and Cobra Offering Her a Place to Stay

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