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Rihanna Unveils Fenty Beauty Collection

Rihanna Teases Fenty Beauty Collection

Rihanna is taking a break from the shoe world, and focusing on cosmetics. On September 8th, Rihanna is releasing her Fenty Beauty collection that will be available online as well as in Sephora and Harvey Nichols stores.

The world first got wind of Rihanna’s turn to makeup in April when she revealed she was wearing her own creations on her face at a Rihanna Fenty x Puma release celebration. Since then, we have been waiting with baited breathe to see what this Barbadian beauty was going to come up with.

Today, Rihanna released a few teasers of the collection on her personal Instagram account as well as on the Fenty Beauty account.


photo from @badgirlriri

photo from @badgirlriri

This is a sneak peek of a Fenty Beauty highlighter duo. Rihanna captioned the picture, “GINGER BINGE. MOSCOW MULE. 9.8.17.” There’s definitely some kind of alcoholic beverages theme going on here, and we’re loving it. One of the shades seems to be a pink/rose color while the other has more of a peach hue with a stunning shimmer.


photo from @fentybeauty

photo from @fentybeauty

This picture was released from the Fenty Beauty account with the caption, “TROPHY WIFE. 9.8.17.” We aren’t positive what this item is, but it appears to be a yellow/gold eyeshadow. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rihanna made yellow blush the new trend. The FB logo is stamped onto the middle of the powder, just as with the highlighter duo.

Yesterday, Rihanna also released a Fenty Beauty video from her Instagram account which shows several stunning models walking the streets wearing Rihanna’s new products. In one scene, a model pulls a lipgloss out from her pocket and applies it using a car’s sideview mirror. It is the perfect pink glossy shade and we need it ASAP. Each of the models has their own unique look and style which mirrors the upcoming unique and versatile collection.

Rihanna appears at the end of the video with bare shoulders and a full face of beautiful makeup, including a shimmery eye and nude glossed lips.

If you thought Rihanna was going to be satisfied with singer, model, and fashion designer under her belt you don’t know the half of it. Cosmetics, here she comes.

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