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The Strength of She-Hulk in Marvel Legacy

Marvel Comics adds She-Hulk to the universal event Marvel Legacy.



The Marvel Legacy event continues to grow as Jen Walters, She-Hulk, will undergo some vast changes. Creators Mariko Tamaki and Jahnoy Lindsay will take over her story in SHE-Hulk #159. The comic book will hit shelves everywhere come November 8th, 2017.

Mariko Tamaki the writer of the project will bring out the numerous conditions, which force She-Hulk to make some impossible choices. Mariko is a veteran writer for Marvel Comics and DC Comics who currently writes for the gamma warrior SHE-HULK. Jahnoy Lindsay a fantastic artist has worked on several titles including Marvel’s Uncanny Avengers and Totally Awesome Hulk.

Together the two will expand the inner workings of She-Hulk as she develops new powers and challenges during this vulnerable portion of her life. The colors, art, and story will push the drama forward from panel to panel.

Mariko tells Marvel the direction and the villain She-Hulk will encounter in the comic book.

“There are a lot of layers to trauma – so as a theme, and as an experience, it has a lot of twists. For Jen, this feels like a new twist because the previous battles she’s faced, since Civil War II, have been with people she once tried to help. And that couldn’t be further from her situation with The Leader. The Leader wants to end her, and she’s going to have to fight him from a very liminal and complex space. She’s dealing with trauma…but it’s also super villain time.”

The Leader one of the most superior minds in all of comics sets his sights on the destruction of She-Hulk. The Leader is capable of thinking one step ahead through strategic plans and technical devices. What complex plot will he have for the gamma-powered superhero?

Mariko continues to tell Marvel She-Hulk’s personality when it comes to fighting crime and facing powerful enemies.

“Jen would never back away from a threat. That’s just not her jam. Even if she’s not sure how she will manage something, it’s really not in her DNA to walk away. So yes, she’s in a place where she doesn’t completely understand her new Hulk form, but she’s always going to step up.”

The Legacy Arc will affect the Marvel Universe, as characters from the wide roster will enter new battles. Be sure to collect SHE-Hulk #159 to witness Jen Walters and The Leader clash in the forefront of comic books.




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