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La Moda Italiana Sues Versace over Trademarking

Versace Sued Over Trademarking

Versace and La Moda Italiana are locked in a legal dispute concerning the trademark of the Versace name.

La Moda Italiana is an LA-based  fashion company that sells wholesale clothing to buyers. La Moda has become the legal licensee for the marketing and distribution of all Versace 19.69 clothing and accessories. They would like the court to inform Gianni Versace that due to their licensing, they are legally allowed to use the “Versace” name and that it does not in any way infringe on the Gianni Versace brand.

Since 1978, the Gianni Versace brand has very popularly used the “Versace” name as well as the logo in all of their purses, clothing, and other accessories. Gianni founded Versace in the late 70’s and ran the company until his untimely murder in 1990.

Now here is where things get a little confusing:

Versace 19.69 is completely different than Gianni Versace’s Versace. Versace 19.69 was started by Alessandro Versace in 2001 and La Moda Italiana owns their marketing and distribution of the name “Versace.”versace1969

According to La Moda, Gianni Versace has been making “threats and harassments” against them using the famous brand’s name, which has cost them money and business. The retailer Bluefly has pulled all of their products from their site to avoid any issue with Gianni’s, now Donatella Versace’s, brand.

This isn’t the first time the two brands have come head to head. Last June, Versace 19.69 and Gianni Versace filed a trademark infringement lawsuit stating that the use of the name would confuse consumers. That initial case is still pending.

As both cases continue, we are curious to see the outcome, but have a feeling Gianni Versace’s power as a high-end brand might hold more weight than that of a Los Angeles based company.

May the best Versace win.

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