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Review: Belle Mt Gets Real on His New Single, “Hollow”

screen-shot-2017-09-06-at-4-46-07-pmBetween the years 2014 and 2016, London based artist, Matt Belmont, took a break from public performances to focus on his work.

He sought to truly look inside himself and incorporate what he found into his music, staying at a friends’ unfinished family home in the foothills French Alps so he could write in solitude. From this introspective retreat came his newest project, Belle Mt.

“Hollow” is the first to be released of eight songs that came out of this life changing trip, and it is absolutely beautiful. The song is dripping with a sincere, heartbreaking sense of what almost was, established through poetic lyrics and serene instrumentals that build and the song goes on.

The topic of the song is undeniably sad, but also very relatable. Humanity can be difficult to direct, especially when it comes to the self, but through art forms like music it can be a little easier to swallow. “Hollow” recounts the story of the narrator who is in love with a girl who just doesn’t see her own self worth. She is lonely, but comfortable in her isolation, perhaps because she believes she doesn’t deserve better:

“But Lonely is her favourite place to be
When she feels the hurt she lets it bleed
Sometimes Shes lost, sometimes Shes broken
Sometimes Shes closed, sometimes Shes open
Lonely is her favourite place to be”

While it does take the position of being on the outside looking in, there is an introspective quality to the lyrics that forces the listener to look inside themselves and connect, be it whether they themselves have felt this way, or know someone who does. In this sense the song can be a little difficult to listen to for those trying to hide from their problems, but when approached with an open mind “Hollow” is actually quite cathartic.

Stylistically there’s a cinematic vibe that lends the song a nostalgic feel without coming across as dated. The melody is soft and there’s a great flow. With such an amazingly hard-hitting song under his belt, the music world can only wait and see what other looks into the human psyche Belle Mt has in store.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: “Hollow” by Belle Mt

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