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Indonesian Diversity Show Kicks Off NYFW

Indonesian Diversity Show Features 5 Collections

The Indonesian Diversity Show took place on September 7th at the Dream Hotel in Downtown Manhattan, kicking off the first official day of New York Fashion Week.

The show consisted of five different designers and their collections such as Catherine Njoo and Doris Dorothea. Each collection featured Indonisian qualities but were different and unique in their own way.

The first collection featured Doris Dorothea’s stunning exotic leather purses paired with vibrant ensembles. Each model wore a traditional hijab and draped robes that hung to the floor.


This was one of the looks from the first collection. The model wore a red hijab, a white, red, and black printed blazer, and a black and red skirt that draped to the floor. The whole ensemble stayed within the same color range but the hijab and long skirt were a definite nod to Indonesian culture. The model held a Doris Dorothea burnt orange skin purse.


This model wore a green hijab and a green and gold coat that was long in the back and short in the front. She carried a structured bucket purse in white and gray skin.

The second collection featured a series of embroidered lace bridal looks fit for a princess. Each model had their slicked back in a simple bun with chunky, hanging rhinestoned earrings.

img_5410  img_5421

Many of the ensembles had wide sleeves, high collared necklines, and were paired with white flats, which may seem unconventional but sky-high heels are slowly but surely becoming less of a necessity.

The third collection was very theatrical and together with the music created an atmosphere of being in the jungle. The models resembled birds with their feathered outfits and large, outrageous headpieces. All of the ensembles reminded me of the costumes from the film The Black Swan. 


This stunning ensemble featured a gold gown with a wire skirt under it to create a more dramatic effect. The gown’s bodice was covered in burnt orange and gold feathers, with a matching eccentric head piece that adorned only one side of the model’s face. To complete the look, she carried an orange and red leather purse.


This was the collection’s finale and was undoubtedly my favorite look. Black vampy feathers protruded out from the model’s wrists, shoulders, neck, and head. She wore a beige lace corset and lace paints with a long train. img_5459

In this picture, you can take a closer look at the feathers and their beautiful purple iridescent shades.

The fourth collection didn’t shy away from dramatic headpieces, but simply swapped out feathers for gold wire creations.


img_5486This look is one that’s hard to replicate and really exemplifies the designer’s talent and vision. This ensemble included a sheer lace gown with thin brown feathers covering the chest and back. The most exquisite part of the look was the headpiece that opened up to reveal a lit lantern inside. The ornate piece was fastened by a black chin strap.

The fifth and last collection presented during the show returned to Indonesian roots with models wearing colorful hijabs and floor length robes. The collection also made a political statement as several ensembles had patches sewn on that read “All Colors Matter.”



The ensembles ranged in colors from black and gold to blue and red. In addition to the rich colored wraps and garbs, each model wore a simple heel and natural makeup.

Each collection stood out in its own way and reflected the designer behind it that turned their passions and ideas into reality. For many of the designers, this was their first NYFW. I was surprised by the immense talent each of the designers displayed especially for their premiere NYFW collection. The Indonesian Diversity Show not only put amazing designers on display, but depicted the rich customs and designs of the Indonesian culture.

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