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MLB: A Tale of Two Cities in September

Which streak will win out in October?

Hot and cold streaks are a part of baseball, more than any other sport in fact. And the current landscape of two cities and their MLB teams — Los Angeles and Cleveland — are becoming polar opposites of one another.

The Cleveland Indians find themselves in the midst of a 16-game winning streak currently, and have an 11.5-game advantage over the second place Minnesota Twins. They have it all at the moment: timely hitting and lights-out pitching used exceptionally.

Meanwhile, a mere 2,344 miles away in Los Angeles, the formerly dominant Dodgers find themselves struggling to clinch the NL West title. Only 13 games ago, the Dodgers had a 21 game lead over the second place Arizona Diamondbacks. But, having posted a 1-12 record over the past two weeks, they find that lead has shrunk to only 10 games because of the tear that the Diamondbacks are on.

It truly has become a tale of two cities for these teams, and the Indians have had more recent success than the struggling Dodgers. Yes, the Indians lost a disappointing World Series to the Chicago Cubs in 2016, but they continue to be in line for redemption in 2017. The Dodgers, though, continue to show signs of their streaky nature that baseball and its fans have seen often since their last title in 1988.

Call it skepticism or hate, but it is undeniable how extremely hot the Dodgers can get before fizzling in the cold weather of October — when it should matter most. They are a consistent disappointment after showing signs of life for an extended period even though they arguably have the greatest pitcher of today in Clayton Kershaw.

Their bats grow quieter as the seasons change from summer to fall, and the strike-to-ball ratio decreases like the barometric pressure.

While Cleveland and Los Angeles show the ebbs and flows that sports fans are familiar with, they leave baseball followers wondering: Will the fortunes of these two cities be different in the month of October or will it be more of the same that fans have come to expect in recent memory?

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