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Review: Tori Amos Swings Back on Native Invader

A Classic From A Great

Tori Amos/Native Invader

toriamosnicvrI don’t know Tori Amos but after a couple of interviews conducted with her at various stops in her career, I can firmly state that I always look forward to her latest perspective with intrigue.

Her albums always intertwine life, circumstance and storytelling in manner than is damn near brutal in its execution.

On her latest Native Invader, she does not stray from her thing. Amos found a way to amplify and recharge…actually perhaps reload is a better word choice.  Yes, she reloaded her thought pistol and took aim at what ails her on multiple levels.

Seven-minute opener “Reindeer King” is driven by her signature cinematic piano work and pointed vocal.

It’s a moment that is for the O.G. Amos fans that always pine for another album along the lines of Little Earthquakes.

The track is however dipped in tragedy and heavier than just about anything she’s done. Bathing in what has to be natural reverb, “Reindeer King” swings a titan’s punch yet the instrumentation is extremely sparse.

It’s a sleight-of-hand that only Tori Amos can pull off and for that the world is thankful.

The mid-tempo chill of “Chocolate Song” is a thoughtful push towards dragging personal feelings into the light while the like-minded “Bang” pokes a jagged piece of glass directly into the gut of the ringleader of the worst administration in our nation’s history.

Shit gets real on Native Invader for a plethora of reasons.  Amos watched her beloved daughter Tash come into her own as a teenager as she watched her mother suffer a stroke.

As these moments of joy and pain played out, the United States was cast into a tailspin of epic proportions.

The artists that can truly walk among the greats always take these circumstances and use them for fuel.

It does not matter if some of her more recent work rooted itself in concepts that went over the heads of many.

Native Invader strips down, knuckles up and stakes its claim as a triumphant piece of art that is vital to our current cycle of life.

Rating: 4.5/5

Stream: Tori Amos Native Invader


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