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Cleveland, Minnesota Making AL Playoff Picture Interesting

Boston no longer looks like the strongest AL team going into the playoffs. After the emergence of an Apple Watch cheating scandal, a win streak in a town that smells like bratwurst, and the Minnesota Twins???, the AL Central looks as powerful as any going into October.

After locking down their 17th straight win today, the Indians are looking as persistent as pastel shirts and umbrellas. They’re now looking unstoppable going into the playoffs, and much more likely than the defending champions to make a repeat appearance in the World Series.

“It’s one of crazy those things where you’re just playing good baseball,” said Indians closer Cody Allen, who earned the save today. “We’re not really thinking about it as much as you guys are.”

Whatever, dude. You know they have a paper chain counting down to 26 wins, the MLB record. Also, a Flat Stanley.

The emergence of the Twins in the second Wild Card spot has been almost as surprising as the Angels being just two games back from them. With everyone behind the Angels just trying to end the season above .500, the race is narrowing day by day. With the addition of Justin Upton, the Angels are far from out of it. With today’s loss to Kansas City, the Angels have an opportunity to really narrow the gap as they face off against Seattle.

The Angels have to go through both Houston and Cleveland before the season is over, giving them a slightly more difficult schedule than Minnesota’s. If Minnesota can hold strong and ride it out, we could see two AL Central teams in the playoffs.

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