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Galtiscopio Brings Music to New York Fashion Week

RayJ Sang at Galtiscopio’s NYFW Show

Galtiscopio’s NYFW show took place on Friday, September 8th at the Dream Hotel’s Gallery. Galtiscopio was one of my favorite shows that I have attended so far because the designer turned her show into an entire production.

Before the models ascended down the runway, RayJ came out and sang a love song surrounded by four back up singers with voices as smooth as velvet. The performance definitely woke the audience up for the early show and had everyone clapping their hands together to the beat.img_5535

Halfway through the show, PDiddy’s twenty-three-year-old son, Christian Combs, came out and performed an original song, keeping up the energy in the room.

Now, let’s talk fashion.

Galtiscopio is a brand founded in Paris that designs women’s clothing and accessories, mainly watches and jewelry. The clothing aligned perfectly with Galtiscopio’s focus on jewelry as each item featured a jeweled embellishment in some way.

Models traipsed down the runway wearing variations of silk slip dresses in an array of colors. Some were a simple white or black, but the designer also showed her love for vibrant color with pops of royal blue and plum purple. Each of the models’ makeup was kept simple with their hair pulled back into a ponytail fastened by a circular rhinestoned hair clip.

photo from Galtiscopio

photo from Galtiscopio

img_5724 img_5725This was one of my favorite looks. This stunning model wore a white high-neck cocktail dress with embroidered cutout circles on the hips. The crystal cutouts gave a sexy and glamorous aspect to the otherwise conservative look.

After the musical intermission, the designer switched focus a bit from sexy satin to an edgier vibe featuring leather and t-shirt dresses.


These white t-shirts were worn as dresses and paired with stilettos, continuing the sexy, feminine feel of the show. Not pictured is the graphics on the front of the t-shirts, one of which was a pair of red lips with a diamond grill inside.

img_5566I thought this was one of the most special pieces from the collection. This red bodysuit was paired with a leather paneled skirt that buckled around the waist. This is the kind of skirt we all wish we could wear everyday. The red, black, and white panels swayed effortlessly as the model strutted down the runway.

Diamond embellishments still played a large role in the second part of the collection. One model even wore a pair of headphones covered in crystals.

The show was one of the most fun and lively productions I’ve seen so far at NYFW. Everything from the music to the glamorous-meets-edgy clothing was perfection and I can’t wait to see what’s to come for Galtiscopio in the future.

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