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Gucci Releases Home Decor Collection

Gucci’s New Collection Is Decor Goals

Gucci has already mastered handbags, shoes, jewelry, and just about any other kind of accessory. So, why not master home decor? Gucci has released their home decor collection complete with pillows and candles and it’s serious #goals.

Gucci carried on their famous symbols and phrases that grace their handbags, and incorporated them into their decor collection. The price tags are steep, as expected. The least expensive item is wallpaper for $190. The most expensive item is a pink velvet three-paneled screen for $32,000. Yes, you read those zeros correctly.

There are a lot of amazing pieces in the collection, so we narrowed it down to our favorites.

photo from Gucci

photo from Gucci

This pink porcelain Gucci candle is equal parts beautiful and functional. Once the candle itself gets used up, you can still use it as a canister on display or clean out the candle and use it as a jar. I also love the white butterfly that adorns the lid. This “Inventum, Butterfly Candle” costs $490.


photo from Gucci

photo from Gucci

This takes “accent pillows” to a whole other realm. I can’t get enough of Gucci’s variety of pillows. This shade is called “peacock velvet.” Gucci’s well-known phrase “Blind for Love” from their L’Aveugle Par Amour collection is stitched in red across the top of the pillow. A cat’s face is stitched onto the center of the pillow and is surrounded by a half wreath of yellow flowers. Each of these embroideries are stitched by hand and then attached to the pillow which, according to Gucci’s website, takes approximately ten hours to complete. This pillow costs $1,400.

photo from Gucci

photo from Gucci


This bordeaux wooden chair has a floral print seat cushion with Gucci’s popular bumble bee graphic stitched onto it, underneath the words “LOVED.” This chair is a made to order item and takes about 20 weeks to arrive after ordering. This chair costs $2,600 and comes in a variety of colors and different graphics.


This medium size metal tray features a star eye image which, according to Gucci’s website, refers to our eyes being the windows to our soul. This tray is 13 inches in diameter and since it’s metal, you at least won’t have to worry about breaking it. This costs $690.

To see more of Gucci’s decor collection head over to their website and prepare to fall in love. Everything is available for either purchase or preorder now.

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