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Salute Spotlight: 7 Independent Artists You Must Hear (09/14/2017)

Salute Spotlight is officially six weeks in, and still going strong!

When it comes to independent artists it can be difficult for music-lovers to find the acts that resonate with them, especially when the vastness of the indie scene is taken into account. All too often amazing artists to go completely unnoticed by so many individuals who would absolutely love them.

That’s where Salute Spotlight comes in. Every week we seek out 7 acts who’s sound goes above and beyond, and feature them here for the convenience of listeners and artists alike.

Covering every genre, from rap to rock and everything in between, Salute Spotlight will feature new indie artists every week for everyone’s listening pleasure.

21273621_840726362751982_8800330949487053315_oMichael Golden & The Outsiders

Michael Golden & The Outsiders is a New York based rock band who got their start back in 2016.

Consisting of Michael Golden (Vocals, Guitar), Adam Accetta (Drums), and Zac Vanacoro (Bass), the trio imbues their sound with 60’s rock n’ roll vibes and undeniable blues influences that results in a modern twist of the beloved genre.

Their first full-length album, M.G.O. dropped on September 6, 2017, and is available on all platforms. The songs are super catchy with high-energy vocals, serious guitar shredding, and beats that will get anyone dancing along. If you love rock n’ roll, these guys are definitely worth checking out.

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15940650_1289507424442996_4747815168400969899_nThe Million Reasons

If you’re in the need for some high-energy, upbeat rock jams, check out Chicago based pop rock band, The Million Reasons.

These guys bring so much good energy to their work, and it makes a lot of sense. After all, The Million Reasons came to be because a group of close friends felt the need to make music together, and the result is flat out awesome!

Their debut EP, The Runaround, dropped earlier this year, and is packed with high-energy songs that’ll leave you feeling invigorated.

Make sure to give these guys a listen. After all, how could you say no to those smiles?

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AJG909 (Also known as AJG) is a rapper from Souther California with a plethora of awesome tracks for your listening pleasure.

He is a member of the BlaQ Kennedy Collective, which is made up of himself, Prote-J, One-Sixxx and Young Ceno.

The video for his single, “BlaQ” premiered on August 13, and has been picking up quite a bit of traction. The song itself taps into AJG’s own thoughts and feelings on life in Southern California, giving listeners an almost intimate look into his head, and what drives him to pursue his art.

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SUTROBATH is ‘All the sound you’ve been missing,’ or so their bio reads. And to be honest, it’s a pretty accurate statement.

Sutrobath is an alternative rock band with an undeniable classic rock vibe to their sound that just works. There are also ambient elements that leave their songs with a hint introspection, and a whole lot of replay value.

They’ve got quite a repertoire of awesome tracks to go through, practically guaranteeing every listener will find something they enjoy.

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Viretta is a four piece alternative-rock band from Denver, Colorado who’s high-energy jams will have listeners up and on their feet in no time at all.

Their songs feature passionate vocals, stellar guitar, catchy melodies, and beats you can feel in your soul, they’re guaranteed to become fast favorites.

With shows booked practically every weekend (and some weekdays) there’s pretty much no reason to not catch one of their live shows for listeners who happen to be in their area.

But that’s not all, Viretta is in the process of recording their first full-length album, and if their current work is any indicator of how it’ll be, then the music world is in for a treat.

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21151192_1834590876581640_1440517246710464727_nMark Elliot

Mark Elliot came onto the scene on January 1, 2015.

With powerful vocals, and chill electronic melodies, his songs are nothing short of enchanting. He also puts out the occasional acoustic tune, showcasing his talent and penchant for diversity when it comes to his art.

His newest single, “Summer Storm” is an internal struggle wrapped in a lovely package.

“I wrote Summer Storm the day after moving out of my ex-girlfriend’s flat,” said Elliot. “I was in B&Q, a hardware store for my American fans, picking out paint for my new room and felt overwhelmingly inspired by the names Dulux had come up with for what were basically prime colours. Wrote the ‘spending all day watching paint dry on the wall/himalayan birch, nordic shimmer tried em’ all’ line and then went to my mate Matt’s house to record it. That sh*t is better than any therapy.”

With so much heart packed into his music, it’s now wonder his songs hit so deep. There’s so much more than meets the eye with this artist, and his work is 100% worth checking out.

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avatars-000329265896-djngd2-originalKingdom of Reptiles

Hailing from London, Kingdom of Reptiles is a hard rock trio who’s songs are likely to induce some face-melting.

The band consists of Raven Longman (Vocal/Lead Guitar), and Andreas (Drums).

The alternative rock duo effortlessly melds grunge aesthetics, post-punk elements for one big sound. Longman’s vocals will give you chills, while Andreas’s rhythm will have you dancing along.

Their newest single, “Blue Magic Gin” dropped about a month ago, and it is everything one track rock fans should definitely not miss.

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