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Listen: 3 Indie Party Songs You Must Hear

With the weekend sitting upon us, its time to look at a few records that should be integrated into your hedonistic playlist.

*Single of the Week*

SityxKidxLil has a decadent love song brewing with “IxONLYxLOVExYOUxWHENxIMxDRUNK.”

The woozy number produced by kloud beats is your classic boy-meets-girl-girl-does-boy-wrong-he-gets-drunk-and writes-a-song-about-her motif set over a trap-influenced beat.

What really helps SityxKidxLil stand out is the art of storytelling. A lot of upcoming artists know what they want to say but they don’t know how to communicate it in a purposeful way.

Give this situation a major label budget and watch what happens.


Mair ft. Tyler Shamy have a bonafide smash with “Button on Your Jeans” if the song gets the right push. Musically dripping in commercial hip-hop and EDM, this true pop song has a huge beat, mammoth hook and flawless vocal.

Listen: Mair ft. Tyler Shamy “Button on Your Jeans”

Some things are not meant to be all that serious. Booty Bae  is one of those situations.

When taken at face value, it’s impossible to dismiss the mainstream appeal and prime execution of his track “Out Her Heels.”

Featuring Young Pinch, the post-club midnight drive officially has a soundtrack for 3 a.m. and beyond.

Listen: Booty Bae “Out Her Heels”

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