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Weezer, Lorde & Kevin Gates Lead This Week’s Round Up

Kick off the weekend the right way

The best part of the week has arrived. From Lorde releasing a rare dance remix to Weezer’s sunny summer singles, there’s been more and more to look forward as we push past the final summer days into the cooler fall.

Niall Horan recently announced his first solo album since his days involved with the mega-successful One Direction. The album Flicker isn’t due until October. It’ll feature his hit, “Slow Hands” as well as the newly released, “Too Much Too Ask.” It’s doesn’t have the same funk vibe as “Slow Hands” but it’s a piano ballad showcasing his talented voice. The lyrics are extremely relatable, and the single will be a smash hit on the radio. It’s far too catchy not to be.

Kevin Gates released a soulful and heartfelt single this week…from prison. His wife/ business partner is keeping her husband/client in the rap game. She took this collaboration with PnB Rock and released it to the public. A solid chorus with Rock’s luminous voice expressing why moving forward from the past is so vital is the perfect hook given Gate’s current surroundings.

Lorde isn’t typically one to remix her songs. However, she’s gone and done it with Khalid, SZA and Post Malone. She took her song from her sophomore album Melodrama, “Homemade Dynamite” and put an awesome R&B spin on it. The talented additions bring the dance vibes full force. The song isn’t as edgy as some of Lorde’s past ones. In this case that’s perfect, the dance remix will get people on the floor.

Nick Jonas has done a fantastic job separating himself from his brother band roots. His latest effort, “Find You” has a more pop dance rhythm to it than his previous singles. It’s an ode to Jonas looking for his lost love. His breathy voice boasts lyrics about never being able to settle down and find his girl. It’s a nice change of pace from “Jealous” that shows listeners his range.

To round things out, Weezer is hitting the singles release hard in anticipation of their October release of Pacific Daydream. Their new song “Beach Boys” sounds like something that the band the song was named after would produce. It’s incredibly upbeat and catchy. There’s an infectious background beat keeping up with the sounds of the summer. This new album is looking to be a very fun and buoyant experience for listeners. Arriving in October will make fans earn for summer with songs like “Beach Boys.”



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