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Marvel’s Symbiote Hungers in Venom Inc.

Marvel Comics announces a new crossover story arc to feature super villain Venom.



The parasitic symbiote known as Venom will take center stage once more in the Marvel Universe. The story arc Venom Inc. will take place over the span of multiple comic books. The creators behind the new chapter in the world of Spider-Man bring back one of the most influential characters in all of Marvel Comics.

The multiple issues involved with the crossover will be Venom Inc. #1, Amazing Spider-Man #792, Amazing Spider-Man #793, Venom #159, and Venom #160. Peter Parker and other characters will face the alien substance once more in a plot full of twists and new directions. Former and current hosts to the villainous wall crawler Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, and Lee Price will take part in this game of toxic dominance.

The creators behind the new story arc and previous individual titles will all work together to bring about the next step in the Venom saga. A wide range of talent will be centered on the inner workings of the comic issues. The people behind the books will be Dan Slott, Mike Costa, Nick Lowe, Ryan Stegman, and Gerado Sandoval. Each member will bring about the best conditions to present an incredible story full of suspense, horror, and sacrifice.

Ryan Stegman will be responsible for the art components following Venom Inc. Alpha and the other comic book title Amazing Spider-Man featured in the crossover. Ryan is stylistic with bright colors, smooth lines, and light shading. His art is a good component to compliment the wild nature of Venom. Gerado will keep to the Venom title book with his take on the symbiote featuring exaggerated expressions, thin line work, and completes the images with bursts of color.

Dan Slott and Mike Costa will team up to write the Venom Inc. Alpha portion of the arc but will also work on their own separate titles respectively. The assembly of books gathered in the crossover shall move from issue to another seamlessly.

Comic book fans will collect these particular issues to witness the legacy of Venom. Black tentacles, jagged teeth, and an undying thirst the symbiote carries will affect Spider-Man and others to even greater depths. These comics will release later in the year for local comic book stores and digital markets. Be the first to feel the power of Venom once more as his deadly prowess leeches on his vessels in the streets of New York City.

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