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Salute Spotlight: 7 Independent Artists You Need to Check Out

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how many talented artists there are out there who haven’t been discovered yet, or are simply flying under the radar. It’s pretty astounding. All too often these amazing artists to go completely unnoticed by so many individuals who would absolutely love them, and that’s where Salute Spotlight comes in. Every week we seek out 7 acts to feature for the convenience of music lovers like yourself.

Covering every genre, from rap to rock and everything in between, Salute Spotlight will feature new indie artists every week for everyone’s listening pleasure.

artworks-000236073297-uzv4fu-originalMadison Margot

Madison Margot is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who brings the energy with her upbeat electropop stylings.

But her catchy beats and lovely vocals aren’t all she as to offer, as Margot is also adept at the guitar and piano, as she showcases through numerous cover videos.

It’s easy to tell that Madison enjoys what she does, as her energy is practically tangible through her songs. With songs ranging from upbeat and fast-paced, to slow and contemplative, there really is no stone left unturned.

Her newest single, “Virgin in a Red Dress” is set to drop this Friday, September 22.

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unnamedSure Sure

Sure Sure is the brainchild of Chris Beachy, Kevin Farzad, Charlie Glick, and Michael Coleman. It all started when these four friends came together back in 2014 and decided to share their experiences of love, sadness, and life through the universal language of music.

With an array of energetic indie pop tunes under their belt, Sure Sure can be found spreading the love in venues across California. Solid bass lines, catchy beats, heartfelt vocals, and fun melodies; what more could you ask for? The combination of their off-kilter stylings and personal depth will endear listeners to them in no time flat.

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screen-shot-2017-07-28-at-12-51-08-pmBrother Brother

Straight out of Sarasota, Florida, Brother Brother is just that, a band of brothers!

Bradley and Brett Anderson have been carefully crafting alt rock jams that will bring listeners to life since their start in 2013. With pounding drums and lively electric banjo, there’s something mesmerizing and uplifting about their sound.

Their newest single, ” Novocaine,” is set to come out next week, and it is next level awesome! The energy brought to this song is unreal, it’s basically impossible to not dance along. The song is accompanied by an air realization that nothing lasts forever.

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cover-girl-album-artBy The Way Girls

By The Way Girls are an emerging pop group with some serious fire to their sound!

Consisting of Ursula Fuller, Kelsey Hollis, Darbi Dombrowski, and Cassie Donegancharted, By The Way Girls are already counted in good company, landing on the Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart earlier this year alongside artists such as Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, DNCE, & more.

Their sound is absolutely enchanting, with harmonies on-point, inspirational lyrics, and angelic vocals.

Their newest single, “Cover Girl” hit the scene on August 22, and is definitely worth the listen.

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img-3142The Squawks

The Squawks are a Los Angeles based folk rock band with their music rooted in a past of darkness and heartbreak transformed into pure inspiration.

The band’s lead singer, Richie Carvill, spent a year writing songs and experimenting with different sounds to perfectly recapture the feelings put into their songs. This resulted in a unique mixture of folk, rock, country and punk elements for a hard-hitting and original sound.

Carvill, Patrick BerryJosh CordovaJared Martin, and Alan Toka are all dedicated to creating songs that will move their listeners, and they sure do succeed in that endeavor.

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M.A.G.S (aka Elliott Douglass) is without a doubt making a name for himself in Buffalo, NY’s vibrant music scene.

His debut EP, Cellophane, dropped back in in 2015, marking the start of a career of success. M.A.G.S. has had his work featured in various big-name TV shows such as Shameless, The Flash, and Famous In Love.

His newest album, Mexico, dropped September 8, and features some shredding guitar, hard-hitting vocals, and energetic melodies that get the blood pumping.

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2017-01-10t170415z_1_lynxmped0914u_rtroptp_4_britain-entertainmentFrench Braids

French Braids  is the alias of electronic musician and producer Sean Fischer.

From humble beginnings scoring films and TV, French Braids began gaining notoriety when he released his remix for Zara Larsson’s “Lush Life.”

His thought-provoking electronic tunes take inspiration from genres such as classic house, modern pop, and traditional Jazz and RnB.

With a 2-album deal to look forward to, his first single “WildFire” set to be released in June. With his unique, soulful electronic sound, he is sure to take the music world by storm.

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