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METZ Brings the Heat with Strange Peace

A welcome break from the new norm

metzcvrToronto based band, METZ has been on the scene since 2008. They didn’t release their debut self-titled album METZ until 2012. The band is under the record label Sup Pop originally created for the Seattle alternative rock diehards. Today, METZ released their third album, Strange Peace still under the Sub Pop label.

The 11-track album was cut live to tape in Chicago. The songs have a raw edge to them that differs from other albums out right now. Cutting the album live gives it that extra ounce of genuine hard-hitting rock that bands wish they could accomplish in the studio. It’s a bold move that pays off as listeners get deeper into the album.

Kicking things off with “Mess of Wires” drummer Hayden Menzies comes on to the scene fast with an in your face drum solo. It sets the stage for lead vocalist Alex Edkins to get introduced with his steel vocals for a fun ride.

The fifth track, “Lost in the Blank City” is almost a little bit reminiscent of The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me.” If anyone stops paying attention for even a moment, they’ll miss it. It’s a definite standout on Strange Peace. The song is unique with the bit of electronic edge mixed with a hint of grunge thrown into it. A 90’s loving Nirvana fan may even feel nostalgic by the time this song is over.

The concluding track, “Raw Materials” is just that. Edkins’ voice screams with passion over another heart-pounding drum set from Menzies. It’s the longest song on the album clocking in just under 6 minutes. METZ slows things down around the three and a half mark. The songs becomes a different breed entirely. It soothes yet excites as the listener knows that it’s going to pick back up for the final minute. It’s an incredibly strong track to end the album with. It’ll stay on the listeners mind after it’s over.

METZ showcases that they are a force to be reckoned with on Strange Peace. They can be unpredictable keeping the listener on their toes. There is a hard charge at play here. The tone is kept decently consistent, but the different sounds are welcome throughout. Music enthusiasts who are sick of the EDM takeover will jump head first into this world and be glad they did.

Rating: 3.5/5

Stream: Metz Strange Peace


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