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Salute Spotlight: 7 Independent Artists To Perfect Your Playlist

In an ever expanding music scene, it can be easy to get overlook some seriously talented acts. Often these amazing bands and artists to are missed by listeners who, in theory, could have been their biggest fans. This is why we have Salute Spotlight. Every week we seek out 7 acts to feature for the convenience of music lovers like yourself.

Covering every genre, from rap to rock and everything in between, Salute Spotlight will feature new indie artists every week for everyone’s listening pleasure.

avatars-000301831278-79kaj7-originalMichail Mamaschew

Michail Mamaschew (also known as DemoralizeD) is a producer and visual artist from Berlin who’s really pushing the envelope with his music. Originally composed in his leisure time, he decided to share his art with the world through digital platforms only a year ago.

His sound consists of an eclectic blend of genres that just works. With elements of electronica, metal, rock and more, listeners are always in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to Mamaschew’s songs.

With such a carefully crafted sound it’s no surprise it takes Mamaschew dedicates quite a bit of time to his craft. It’s said that some of his songs have over 400 hours of production time alone.

If you’re looking to expand your musical horizons and explore some uncharted territory, Michail Mamashew is the man for you.

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With his debut track, “I’m In Love Without You,” already making waves, FINNEAS is a name to look out for.

The song features a rather minimalistic sound, using only hand claps, a bass line, and his voice to basically send listeners to another world. His genre is defined as “dark coon,” though his sound undeniably incorporates a seductive R&B vibe with strong, clear pop vocal stylings

With a great sense of rhythm, impeccable flow, and heartfelt lyrics that reach straight into the soul, it’s hard not to appreciate his musical stylings.

With such a strong start, we’re sure to be hearing from him again.

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1904249_424439731038936_2404319135472158318_nMike Ferrera

Mike Ferrera “just [wants] to see you smile,” and his upbeat reggae jams are sure to make you do just that.

After touring extensively with kirtan band, The Mayapuris, Ferrera has decided to embark on his solo career. His sound combines reggae and bar rock, perfected with clear vocals a fun loving vibes, and messages meaningful messages.

It’s hard not to sway along while his tunes uplift your heart. And while it may sound silly, none of this is an understatement. Listening to this man is basically guaranteed to make you feel better, even on the roughest Monday morning commute. He’s just got those good vibes.

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img_5791Bad Machinery

Bad Machinery is a rock band with some serious energy. Consisting of Macke (Guitar/Vocals), Frasse (Guitar), Nicke (Bass), and Jeppe (Drums), their sound has an old school twist that makes you want to get up on your feet and take on the world.

Described by their fans as action rock, their sound has a real “get up and go live your life” attitude which adds an inspirational edge to their songs. It’s all very reminiscent of the days when music was a movement run by the revolutionary minds of the upcoming generation and their hopes for a better, more liberated tomorrow. And given the state of the world, this throwback is welcome, and very much a cornerstone of what rock n’ roll is all about.

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Visionaire is a concept, an idea to be pondered and enjoyed.

The artists behind this piece wishes to remain anonymous, leaving the art to truly speak for itself. Rooted in the darkness brought on by depression, insurmountable anxiety, and existentialism, the music they have created is both an escape and exploration of the self.

Even their symbol, the lotus flower, is representative of beauty appearing in unexpected places, which is exactly the sentiment their songs convey.

Introspective and etherial, this mysterious group is definitely worth the listen.

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avatars-000308612205-8uxwje-originalAnika Grace

Anika Grace is a nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter and keyboardist with some serious heart and soul.

From poet to performer, her transition into the musical world was clearly the next step in the progression of her creative spirit. Anika’s lyrics are artfully crafted, and practically dripping with wit, and her delivery is smooth and powerful.

It’s hard not to feel something listening to her songs, which all have an etherial air about them, complimented by the dreamy drone of the electronic melodies.

If you like your music with a personal touch, then you’ll love Anika Grace. We honestly can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for the music world, because it’s sure to be great.

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arArtistic Raw

Artistic Raw came onto the scene in 2000, though he had been deeply fascinated by the path of music since he way a young boy.

He rose to popularity with the global explosion of Dutch house sound. Artistic With The Drughouse, he was able to bring his sound to more people, leading to him performing not only in the Netherlands, but also in clubs all over the World.

The lyric video for his single,  “Blah Blah Blah ft. Emelie Cyreus,” dropped September 8, 2017, and it’s as energetic and colorful as the song itself. The catchy beat and fun lyrics are upbeat and empowering and absolutely dance-worthy. Looking for fun? Check this guy out.

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