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Weekend Recap: Best Concerts in the Big Apple

The live shows never end

Going into the new week makes us long for the weekend. This past weekend in NYC was just as magnetic as ever in the music world. Indie-rock heavyweight Interpol graced the stage to join Deerhunter and Battles. It was a sight to see on the outdoor stage. The show was a perfect mix of each band getting their time in the spotlight, as well as combining forces. Fans got a true treat experiencing the joined sounds of rock, pop-rock and everything that’s right with both.

Legend songwriter, Brian Wilson returned to the Big Apple for a lifetime achievement type of celebration for his epic songwriting career. He wrote over 40 hits for the always lovable, Beach Boys. The celebration night honored his work on Pet Sounds. The astonishing first LP that the Beach Boys ever released. Band stars Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin joined in on the festivities. It was a night to remember for Beach Boys fans. Once “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” was sang by Jardine and Chaplin, it was truly a night to remember.

To finish things off, Brooklyn bred band Charly Bliss rocked the stage in Williamsburg. Bliss is a 90’s reminiscent pop band that energizes and amps up their environment. Though they’ve only been on the scene since 2014 their shows garner attention. Their debut full length album, Guppy was released in April to fresh and positive reviews. Their show this past weekend marks a new tour date off of their list to promote Guppy.

No matter the weather, NYC will always be busting with incredible talent. If any music connoisseur misses a show, they should never fret for too long. Before they know it, there will be another fantastic music opportunity. Whether it’s a live concert in Central Park or Madison Square Garden. Keep on the lookout for dates and shows. One great website to check upcoming shows out is TimeOut.

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