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Should the Colts Officially Shut Down Andrew Luck?

Better Luck Next Year?

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts are facing a situation that needs to be publicly addressed. Once again Luck has been ruled out of practice this week which tables the talk of him appearing in a game any time soon.

Kudos to the franchise for not rushing the face of the franchise back but as we head into Week Four of NFL action, is it safe to say that both the Colts and Luck need to come clean on the true severity of this injury?

According to the Associated Press, Colts coach Chuck Pagano has stated that he is “hopeful” that Luck can get back on the practice field next week.

Indianapolis finally has the luxury of having a competent backup QB in former New England Patriot Jacoby Brissett.

Mobile-yet-focused, Brissett has the ability to run for his life and keep his eyes downfield behind an offensive line that is well…offensive.

Seeing that Luck’s shoulder surgery went down in January, the smarter option might be just to put the guy on IR for the remainder of the year.

Let Brissett continue to grow and Luck continue to heal in a season that for all intents and purposes will end up being a wash anyway.

The Colts don’t have the skill players, offensive line or defensive to make a playoff run and their current record shows that.

Don’t let that lone victory over the Cleveland Browns mask the truth.

The Colts are currently a poor team that lacks direction, needs a strong draft class in 2018 and few key free agents to become competitive again.

At some point Andrew Luck will likely step on the field again this year and when he does so, he will do it behind an offensive line that will force him to stare directly into the jaws of death.

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