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Dodgers Clinch Home Field Advantage as MLB Playoff Picture Nearly Takes Final Shape

It’s happening, folks. The MLB Postseason is taking shape, and it’s looking as good as ever. Sure, there’s no curse in the balance like last year, but baseball has been perhaps more fun to watch in 2017 than it’s been for a very long time, mostly thanks to the teams who make up the postseason field so far.


  • The Dodgers have both clinched the NL West and secured home field advantage through the NLCS
  • The Nationals have clinched the NL East
  • The Astros have locked down the AL West
  • The red-hot Cleveland Indians have clinched the AL Central and have the top seed in their bracket

Wild Card:

  • The Diamondbacks and Yankees have both secured Wild Card spots, with New York still technically in the race for the AL East division title
  • Minnesota sits 5 games ahead of the Angels for the second Wild Card spot, almost guaranteeing them a postseason spot
  • Colorado, on the other hand, sits just 1.5 games ahead of Milwaukee and 2.5 games ahead of St. Louis. St. Louis has struggled with injuries late in the season, and Milwaukee has proven in seasons past that they apparently don’t like playing baseball past the first week of October

What to Watch for:

  • The Red Sox are just one game away from clinching the AL East. Either way, both the Yankees and the Red Sox are going to the postseason, giving ESPN writers and Manny Ramirez disciples (who think he’s still on the Red Sox) reasons to giggle and act like they hate the west coast
  • The Cubs are also one win away from clinching the NL Central, just another step on their way to (attempting and likely failing to) defend their title
  • The NL Wild Card race will likely be down to the wire. Unless the Rockies go on a little streak and the teams that are close just lose everything, it’ll likely be down to the last game or two of this week


I again assert that nothing is better than baseball when it’s cold outside. If you’re a baseball fan, you know what I’m talking about. If not, you can flip on baseball after you’re done setting your fantasy football lineup. I apologize for Joe Buck’s voice, which everyone seems to hate (I’m fine with it, which makes me like the one kid who loved math and ultimate Frisbee in school. NERD.)

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