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Review: Demi Lovato Silences Critics On Tell Me You Love Me

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Demi Lovato/Tell Me You Love Me

demilovatoOut of the current pack of starlets Demi Lovato is the one that is banking on sincerity and risks to see her through to the end.

While others may revel in whatever the sound of the day is, Lovato has a habit of making all of her music sound extremely personal.

On her latest Tell Me You Love Me, tracks such as “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” come across as an open window to a scene in her life.

Yes, the lyrics are visual and well-crafted. Musically, the track’s slow-burn keeps her smoky voice front and center.

But it’s Lovato’s execution that places the number on a pedestal creating a voyeuristic scenario that won’t leave anytime soon.

As she pulls the curtain back on what could easily be a living room break-up scene, she breaks it down in what feels like ice-cold blood.

I’m sorry for honesty, I could not bear

To lie to you

To lie with you

I’m sorry for honesty, I’m well aware

I lie to you

When I lie with you


Don’t do it for me anymore

It’s what good music is supposed to do and for that she and her songwriting team deserve a lot of credit for putting together that gem.

There’s nothing too groundbreaking on Tell Me You Love Me. But there is a fact that swims to the surface that could be a sign of things to come.

Whether it’s the pouty “Sorry Not Sorry” or the reflective “Daddy Issues,” Lovato is truly at her best when she has a hand in the songwriting.

The term x-factor is thrown around a lot when there is a piece of recipe that can’t be put into words.  When she has something to say, her own personal x-factor kicks in and generates the songs that generate the strongest knee jerk reactions.

With the exception of “ You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” each standout with long-term potential is a piece that Lovato helped craft.

Tell Me You Love Me will make open minds want to dance, strut, cry, fuck, fight or think and that is the best gift any artist can pass along to their supporters.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me

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