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Review: Marilyn Manson Hits Back on Heaven Upside Down

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Marilyn Manson/ Heaven Upside Down

mansoncoverAccidents and minor pop star skirmishes aside, Marilyn Manson found his way back to himself.

The punky power that fueled his demos as the leader of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids drives the opener “Revelation #12.”

Once South Florida’s rebel of choice, Manson is absolutely furious on the distorted cut that stands toe-to-toe with anything that he’s ever done.

As previous sweeps at his new material have noted, Manson creatively won by shedding the skin of the pretentious nature that has anchored his past two outings.

Both his musical weapons of choice and his message are sharper when they don’t share the spotlight with concepts that strip them of their humanity.

It’s not that the work went over anyone’s head, it’s just that Marilyn Manson hits hardest when he focuses on serving pointed slices of anarchy-driven nihilism.

A lot of Heaven Upside Down will make some uncomfortable as it serenades others that have been waiting for somebody to shout the uglier side of the sentiments showcased on “Tattooed In Reverse.”

So fuck your Bible and your Babel
Make a psalm into my dirty bomb
So dance, motherfucker, dance
Racing through red lights

I’m unstable, I’m not a show horse
I can’t be bridled, of course
I’m outstanding, I’m unregretted
I got tattooed in reverse
Woah, in reverse

The middle finger to what many what consider to be polite society is one of the many parties that draw the ire of Trent Reznor’s former protégé.

The fire and brimstone is a bit more subtle on “Kill4Me” and album closer “Threats Of Romance.”

The former is a synth-pop joy while the latter’s staccato blasts and semi-juke joint piano chords separate them both from the blistering pack that envelope.

This is not pretty music but somehow in the world we live in, it’s oddly fitting.

Rating: 3.75/5

Stream: Marilyn Manson Heaven Upside Down

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