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Marvel Comics expands the mind of David Haller in LEGION #1

Marvel Comics announces the new LEGION storyline by Peter Milligan and Wilfredo Torres.

Marvel Comics expands the mind in upcoming comic book LEGION #1. The son of Professor Charles Xavier will dive into new adventures as David Haller explores the hidden personalities within his mind. The creators Peter Milligan and Wilfredo Torres shall shape the fabric of reality for our young mutant. The comic book will hit shelves everywhere come next year January 2018.

Peter Milligan head writer for the comic explores the limitless capacity of the brain throughout this story. David Haller’s abilities come from the vast amount of personalities all living within his own mind. Peter brings about a new direction for his experience on other works range from Shade The Changing Man, Human Target, and Justice League Dark.

Wilfredo Torres the leading artist is responsible to immerse the audience in the far reaches of the nervous system and inner thought. He specializes in simple line work accompanied by heavy solid color and hints of realism. The style of art will compliment the struggles of David as everything bursts across the pages. His work is also known on other titles including Moon Knight and Black Panther.

Milligan tells Marvel the extent to David mental capabilities and fears throughout the new storyline.

“Living within the mind of this young man sit a number of alternative personalities or personas. But what happens when a new-and powerful-persona starts to think that he could be more important than all the others? Including David Haller? How does David deal with this upstart persona? Can he deal with it? Does he have the right mental condition to deal with anything?”

David will make new friends in this comic as his condition grows beyond his control. The incredible Dr. Hannah Jones a capable psychologist will aid David on his mental journey. Hannah utilizes her understanding of the human mind to connect with David beyond the normal scale. Together the two may unlock dormant potential within David he never knew existed.

Milligan tells Marvel the atmosphere and approach on the comic book when dealing with mental health.

“The tone can be pretty dark and twisted at times-a story about insanity and a man’s desperate attempts to save himself. But I also wanted the book to have heart and a little humor. Both David and Hannah have flaws in different ways, but they’re both likable and, in their own ways, laudable. David’s lifelong struggle with his insanity shows real guts. Hannah’s rise to the top from her lowly origins also deserves praise. Wilfredo really captures these aspects-the weird mental psychedelia and the human side of the story.”

The comic book releases January 2018 and will unlock doors never before been opened. Follow the beautiful mind of David Haller in LEGION #1 as the mutant battles his most dangerous foe, himself.

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