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Watch: Qveen Herby Drops New Single “Wifey”

Never Challenge The Qveen

Rap/R&B songstress Qveen Herby just dropped her new video for the single “Wifey.”

We first featured Qveen Herby this summer when her hard-hitting EP1 dropped, and we couldn’t believe the lightning fast wordplay on her song “Busta Rhymes.”

Now working on her second effort EP2, Herby is expanding and showing us more about the woman behind the golden glasses.

Qveen Herby dropped her new video for the song “Wifey” a single available on iTunes. The song is an ode to the woman who deserves the term “Wifey,” the woman who always has your back and is down to ride, just don’t have a memory lapse because this Herby track is here to remind you, she’s the one who calls the shots.

Dark and mysterious visuals inspired by movies like Pulp Fiction and The Godfather, mixed with Herby’s eclectic style and rapping skills gives this video a beautiful and eerie aesthetic.

For more information on Qveen Herby and to download her new single visit

Watch: Qveen Herby “Wifey”

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