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The Juggernaut causes chaos in UNCANNY AVENGERS #29

Marvel Comics announces the fate of the Unity Squad at the hands of Juggernaut.

Marvel Comics unleashes raw strength, as the powerful Juggernaut takes on the Unity Squad in UNCANNY AVENGERS #29. The comic book will be in stores everywhere upon release November 8, 2017. Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse will take on the notorious villain as he battles various heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Jim Zub the writer behind the comic book will bring about a powerful enemy known throughout the Marvel Universe to the Unity Squad. Members of the squad consist of Rogue, The Wasp, Doctor Voodoo, Synapse, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Together the team is a powerful unit bridging the relations of humans, mutants, and magic users. Never before has the team ever faced a villain with power that can wipe out cities.

Sean Izaakse will be responsible for the artwork in the upcoming issue prepared to deliver intense color and line work. Sean’s art shall express the full magnitude of destruction enforced by Juggernaut. His style uses solid color and basic line work to present a clean image for readers.

Jim tells Marvel the struggle within the team and how recovery may be a long road ahead.

“Ever since Captain America -the evil one who steered the world into the arms of Hydra-disbanded the Unity Squad, they’ve struggled to stay together. That lack of formal structure strengthened the emotional bonds between them and kept them moving forward when they were looking to stop The Red Skull, or Ultron, or the Hand, but now they don’t have that singular goal and they’re looking for a direction. That coupled with tension between team members is eating away at the “unity” in our “Unity Squad.”

The team will not be prepared to handle a huge threat, as the chemistry between the heroes is gone. The comic book will force a dramatic change upon the team as members may lose their lives in protecting the innocent.

Jim continues to tell Marvel the direction he favors for Juggernaut and how this villain will affect the solidarity of the Unity Squad.

“I’m writing Juggernaut a bit more like a force of nature than just a villain. He’s bulldozing through everything in his path and even with the heavy-hitters we have on the Unity Squad, they’re hard pressed to handle him, especially in their currently disorganized state. His rampage forces them to pull together once again, but it also brings some other tensions to the surface as a few members of the team don’t follow orders and something terrible happens because of it.”

What will it take to bring down one of Marvel’s most powerful characters? Who will suffer at the hands of Juggernaut and how will the Unity Squad ever recover? Find out as UNCANNY AVENGERS #29 releases November 8, 2017.


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