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Deftones release John J. Merchandise Collection

Metal band The Deftones have been on a massive tour over the last year. In response to this, they have released some new tour merchandise.

The hard-hitting metal band The Deftones have always had a guerilla style to the way they dress. They have just released new tour merchandise that reflects just that, in an interesting way. Their new tour merchandise entitled the ‘John J. Collection’, is inspired by John Rambo. The four-piece collection includes a red and black branded t-shirt, olive-drab branded military jacket, an olive branded duffle bag, and a red and black branded headband.

The merchandise ranges from $10-$150 and is available via the band’s website. The Deftones are still on tour through the rest of the month and finish their run at Ozzfest meets Knotfest in San Bernardino Ca. on November 4th. These are the perfect pieces to wear or take with you to represent your love for the band if you are attending one of their shows.

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