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Stream: Weezer Rides Into The Fall on ” Happy Hour”

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weezerpacificdaydreamAs the ever-present Weezer faithful prepare for their new LP Pacific Daydream, the band has strolled through with LP’s latest excerpt.

“Happy Hour” showcases Weezer in a relaxed setting. Without venturing into the commentary that perhaps leader/songwriter Rivers Cuomo has finally shed the sly angst that has fueled their previous work, let’s just say that this tune is the perfect antidote to the summertime blues.

Audio can trigger recollections of seasons past and present and this one celebrates the rise of fall better than most.

Based on the vivid imagery of the album title and the tracks that have been unveiled thus far, this set due on Oct. 27 could be the unit’s poppiest yet

After debuting on Beats1, “Happy Hour” is now available below.

Watch: Weezer “Happy Hour”

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