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WATCH: MGMT Returns With Scary New Single, “Little Dark Age”

Indie rock duo MGMT are finally back, following a four-year hiatus… only this time it appears they have tapped into a much darker synth-pop sound and they’re totally owning it.

mgmt-22little-dark-age22-1508257655-compressedIf the new single, “Little Dark Age,” is any indication of what listeners might expect to see from the forthcoming studio album of the same name, it could mean more than just paying homage to the ‘80s goth and new wave groups such as Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees

The new music video, which was released just in time for the Halloween season, features lead vocalist Andrew VanWyngarden, hair coiffed like a young Morrissey or Robert Smith of The Cure, and Ben Goldwasser dressed like Ichabod Crane in ye olde Colonial garb on as they face the shadowy figures and faces in and around this old Victorian-style haunted house. In the video, which was directed by Nathaniel Axel and David McNutt, we see several different scenes of a film crew working in the dark, VanWyngarden splitting logs, two men fencing in the yard, and a magician that manages to vanish in a puff of smoke. It is much more frightening and bizarre compared to their other music videos, yet it manages to firmly maintain a PG-rating.  

The group’s return to a more synth-heavy sound, which slowly began to dissipate following their 2010 album, Congratulations, will certainly take many listeners and longtime fans by surprise to see just how much the band has evolved—particularly those who are still clinging onto the mainstream success of their first three singles—”Kids,” “Electric Feel” and “Time To Pretend.”


Their fourth studio album, also titled Little Dark Age, is scheduled to be released sometime next year. According to Pitchfork, the project is being produced by the band with the help of Patrick Wimberly and Dave Fridmann, who also produced the group’s studio albums, Oracular Spectacular and MGMT (2013).


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