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Hard Rock Supergroup Features Members of Mastodon, Tool

It would appear that the rumor of a nautically themed hard rock supergroup, known only as Legend of the Seagullmen, is more than just myth.

The band, which consists of Mastodon frontman Brent Hinds, Tool drummer Danny Carey, hardcore punk musician Dimitri Coats (OFF!, Burning Brides) and film director Jimmy Hayward (Jonah Hex, Horton Hears A Who!), recently announced they would be opening for Primus this New Year’s Eve at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, California.

The concept for the band was created back in 2011 by brothers, Frank, Chris and David Dreyer, who have previously put on theatrical concerts and made films about the story of the band.

“Take a journey 400 hundred thousand years ago with Captain Red Beard (played by Hinds) and his league of pirates as they battle Manowar Man and his Ghost Crab Army for the powers of The Seagull God King,” David Dreyer details on IMDB. “Then flash forward 400 thousand years into the future and spend a moment with The Crusty Sea Captain during a deadly game of poker on an island off the coast of Cocoa Beach. All the characters come together to tell the story behind ‘Legend of the Seagullmen’.”

In 2015, the supergroup released two tracks: “Battle of the Deep-Sea Diver” and “Ships Wreck,” which were originally made available for free on the band’s website, [The website link is not available online as of press time].

Now, it appears that the band has recently finished the test pressing of their first full-length studio, according to a recent post on Hayward’s Instagram showing him with

The post also hints that the Queens of The Stone Age Troy Van Leeuwen may have some involvement in the project.

Tickets for Primus “A Goblin In The New Year” will be on sale to the general public via Ticketmaster tomorrowFriday, October 20th at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST. 

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