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Review: Future and Young Thug Crush Collab Project Super Slimey

Welcome To Slime Time

Future +Young Thug/Super Slimey

super slimey The long rumored project has finally arrived. Long on quality and short on innovation, Super Slimey proves that the Atlanta duo understands how to connect with their target audience.

Lyrically, the well-traveled themes of fast women with loose morals, hyper aggressive behavior and the long-term impact of the narcotics lifestyle touch down on each of the album’s 13 songs.

Fans of either artist have a pretty good idea what the beats hit for. Dark soundscapes that are draped in minor keys serenade bombastic 808 drums and sub-basses.

The directive issued to producers such as Richie Souf, Mike WiLL Made-It, Southside and London on Da Track most certainly was put together a cohesive collage.

From opener “No Cap” to finisher “Group Home,” this album/tape/project/whatever the term is today, is minus the audio tags, something that feels like the work of single production force.

In rap that is incredibly hard to do, which is why so many albums sound like disjointed jigsaw puzzles.

The word quality was used earlier as each of the tunes are at the very least good songs that resonate far better than the imitators that have cribbed off of each artist since their individual breakthroughs.

The cliché ‘they make it look easy,’ comes to mind.

In fact, much of Super Slimey   sounds and feels like it was done without much effort.

While YT’s Beautiful Thugger Girls was a exercise in inspiration through experimentation,  Super Slimey is the end result of two local success stories that came together to knock out a few verses just to say they did it.

A highlight arrives in “Patek Water” a track that features another Atlanta rapper in Offset from The Migos.

And like every other cut, it won’t be praised for reinventing the wheel but it does help elevate the bar in terms of the lyricism, vocal cadence and tone that can be pushed forward by trap music.

At this point, all of the players involved are veterans in their own right and if this one says anything, it says they are skilled enough to call their own shots and make them with ease.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Future + Young Thug Super Slimey

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