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Review:Trivium Delivers Definitive LP on The Sin And The Sentence

Florida’s Metal Reps Come Through

Trivium/ The Sin And The Sentence

triviumLike their brethren-in-rebellion hip-hop, metal is something that if not done correctly resonates in a very cartoonish way.

With an extensive catalog on the hip, Trivium not only understands this, they consistently buy into their purpose on each and every record and that does not change on The Sin And The Sentence.

­­­What is a little bit different is how they mix up their power metal, late 90’s metal, classic metal, thrash metal and alternative metal influences.

The shifts are immediately felt on the title track which starts off the show with a furious war cry.

You better practice your lines

You better practice your words

I know that real monsters lie

Between the light and the shade

It doesn’t matter what you say or feel

When honest men become deranged, they’ll genuflect to a lie

The sin and the sentence

Penance in the fire

(To a lie)

The sin and the sentence

The flames grip your throat

(They’ll genuflect to a lie)

As is seen on most of the record, the vocal arrangements run the gamut from the melodic hooks, cathartic screams, and soaring runs.

With the assistance of producer/mix engineer Josh Wilbur, Trivium sorts through their ambition and finds appropriate places for all of their ideas.

Whether its half-time breakdowns or bridges that are reinforced by double-bass drum patterns that rumble speaker cones, Wilbur’s biggest contribution is that he is the producer that helped make the definitive Trivium album.

This is a band that came onto the scene with a lot of technical talent and anger.  In time, melody and defined song structures crept in and took the lead on albums like Silence In The Snow.

Now, the pendulum has swung towards the middle to reflect a balanced attack that showcases everything that Trivium can do.

The most important of which is that regardless of genre, they can write damn good songs.

For example, “The Beauty In the Sorrow” is a series of hooks tied together by universal themes.

Simply put, The Sin And The Sentence is one of metal’s high points of the year.

Rating: 4.5/5

Stream: Trivium The Sin And The Sentence

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