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Ranking: Week 1 NBA Injuries

It’s getting ugly

The NBA injuries are already piling up. On opening night, Boston Celtics lynchpin Gordon Hayward went down with a career-defining injury in competition against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He suffered an ankle fracture and a fractured left tibia. After undergoing surgery, Hayward reached out to the Celtics faithful.

If you want to see just how gruesome Hayward’s injury is, click here.

On Tuesday, in their win over the Golden State Warriors, PG Chris Paul injured his problematic knee and according to Marc Stein, could be done for a hot minute.

And no injury report is complete without Derrick Rose.  The Cavaliers gambled on maintaining Rose’s durability by limiting his minutes.

That strategy didn’t last two games as it is feared that he has a significant ankle injury to accompany his knee issues.

Rose was playing well Friday before going down. He was 3-of-4 netting 12 points.

But now, once again fans begin to question the reasoning behind Rose’s continued push to play on with the knowledge that his body won’t cooperate with his heart.

To put it in perspective, Rose has been denied meaningful seasons since 2012 due to injury. Let that marinate.

Speaking of digging into the past Jeremy Lin is done for the year after suffering a ruptured patella tendon in the fourth quarter of the Nets’ opener.

The team confirmed the injury on their website where GM Sean Marks lamented over the loss.

“Jeremy worked tremendously hard during the offseason and in training camp and was excited for the prospects of the team this season,” Marks said.  “We feel awful that the injury will cost him the season, however our entire organization will be there to support Jeremy in every way possible throughout his recovery. Jeremy remains an important part of this team and will continue to contribute in a leadership role.”

Although Linsanity was buried a long, long time ago, Jeremy Lin worked to become a solid guard that is prone to explosive bursts of scoring from time-to-time.

As for the Warriors resident bully Draymond Green, he is fine.

So if we had to rank which long-term injury hurts the most.

#4 Derrick Rose

The Cavaliers are stacked and were already addressing issues regarding playing time from within. When healthy, Rose is an asset but on this team he is far from a necessity.

#3 Chris Paul

Make no mistake about it; Paul is the new field general for the Houston Rockets. However, in his absence, the Rockets have a nice rotation of playmakers that can get it done.

Stein also stated that with this being a young year, the Rockets will take their time bringing him back into the rotation.

If this is the case, they can only afford to do that with James “The Beard” Harden on the roster.

#2 Jeremy Lin

The Nets were not going to do much anyway but Lin’s injury slams the door shut on Brooklyn having a respectable year that can smell the postseason.

#1 Gordon Hayward

It’s one thing to suffer a setback that impacts the regular season. It’s another thing to have your playoff hopes dimmed when losing a star.

It’s a miserable twist of fate to have championship dreams crushed. Kyrie Irving is now charged with leading a group of young players to the playoffs.

A week ago he and Hayward were on a collision course with Cleveland for the Eastern Conference title.

Now, the Celtics’ focus shifts to developing their youth movement.

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