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Salute Spotlight: 7 Independent Artists You Need To Hear (10/21/2017)

Everyone has those weeks where life just seems to slap them in the face. Fortunately, one of the best remedies is right at your disposal all the time. Yes, we’re talking about the healing properties of music. No one can deny that a sick jam is good for the soul. That’s exactly why Salute Spotlight exists, so music connoisseurs all over can discover what the ultra-talented indie scene has to offer.

With genres ranging from rock, to rap, to folk, and everything in between, Salute Spotlight is always looking to keep our fingers on the pulse of all things awesome in the music scene.

18813595_1901594390096887_8196944564004399656_nA Bird

New Jersey based indie pop solo artist, A Bird, recently dropped his new single, “The Sun And The Moon,” on September 28, and it is definitely worth giving a listen.

Formerly the frontman of Those Mockingbirds, Adam Bird has decided to take his art in a different direction as a solo-artist.

“The Sun And The Moon” combines smooth, passionate vocals with an amazingly catchy catchy tune, and a bass line that resonates with your soul. The poeticism of the lyrics is evident without burying the message under layers of obscurity. This is a song of love and renewal, and the grander of it all. Truly a heartfelt work of art. Highly recommended.

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22405939_1988943004723363_2510000252013744748_nSteve Burks

Steve Burks is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey who’s puts his all into his art, and it really shows!

With acoustic guitar in hand and vocals that can’t help but evoke thoughts of Bob Dylan himself, Steve is set to leave his mark on the music world.

His most recent project, These Nights just came out on October 6. Veering off of his usual acoustic aesthetic, Some Nights features a more rock n’ roll vibe with electric guitar and intense drums, though there are softer tracks on the album as well.

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Whales and This Lake

If you’re looking to add some new electronic tunes to your playlist, you should give Whales and This Lake a listen.

Consisting of Anders Søvik HjeldenHans Olav Settem, and Max Peder Brekke, the trio from Norway specialize in what they describe as “the oversaturated noise of alpha girls and alpha boys.”

The tones of their songs range from deep, slow, and introspective, to up-beat, bright, and super easy to dance to. The lyrics to their songs are clear and easy to understand, and in general they’re a lot of fun to listen to.

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CARDS is songwriter/producer Mike O’s newest project. Having worked with Wyclef Jean, DVBBS, Happy Sometimes, Ryon’s World and many more, Mike definitely has the experience to create something awesome.

His newest single, “Wonderful Life” is CARDS’s second release. The atmospheric tune is reminiscent of the 90’s and early 2000’s indie scene, giving it a pleasantly nostalgic feel.

One thing CARDS is known for is melding heart-wrenching emotion with raw sarcasm for a twist that has listeners asking all the right questions.

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Hailing from Florida, Jaa is a rapper who combines elements of hip-hop, soul, and R&B to create spellbinding songs.

While spellbinding may seem like a strange word to describe it, there’s undoubtedly an enrapturing quality to his work that draws listeners in and brings them to another level.

Maybe it’s in the smooth vocals, impeccable flow, or the well-crafted beats, but there is just something that will keep you coming back for another listen.

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Semitione is an acoustic duo from Leeds with some serious groove.

With Sarah Pickering on vocals and Peter Wright on guitar, the two combine their talents to create songs that are warm, catchy, and energetic enough to breathe new life into the most tired weekday.

Their self-entitled E.P hit the scene back in February 2016, and fans can look forward to the new material they have in the works as well as enjoying their old stuff. They can also be found bringing their gif to venues across the North East, so if you have the chance to see them you should do just that.

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osOlympic Symphonium

The Olympic Symphonium are a quartet of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists bringing you their soothing, heartfelt, indie jams all the way from Canada’s Atlantic Coast.

Working their way into the souls of music lovers since 2006, The Olympic Symphonium have a beautifully raw quality to their sound in an intensely emotional way.It’s hard not to feel something while listening to these well-crafted tracks.

Their newest single is “Coat of Arms” which released October 3. It is the first single off of their upcoming fifth album.

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