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Report: SZA is Working with Mark Ronson on New LP

History Is On The Way

Tog Dawg Entertainment soultress SZA is reportedly making a new album. As exciting as that news is, the fact that she’s reportedly doing it in tandem with Mark Ronson and Tame Impala sweeten the pot that much more.

Ina interview with the Los Angeles Times, the street diva discussed her upcoming work.

“People grapple with labeling me as hip-hop, R&B or pop, and it’s interesting to me. I’m just making music,” she said. “I listen to Stevie Nicks. I love classical jazz. I love folk. I love rap. I love Modest Mouse. I’m making an album with Tame Impala and Mark Ronson. When you try to label it, you remove the option for it to be limitless. It diminishes the music.”

The vibes should only go to the next level as SZA already has a sound that is expansive and textured.

Ronson brought the best out of another tortured soul in Amy Winehouse.

While SZA may not be the battling the same demons that extinguished the flame of Britain’s diamond export, her music is tortured, defiant, and sarcastic and as a result of all of the above…vulnerable.

She also has an open mind which should allow her to be receptive to exploring the extremes of her feelings and the situations that created them.

Squeezing emotion out of his charges is what Ronson does.  If this project finds its way to completion, were saying it right here and right now that SZA’s next LP will be one of 2018’s best.

And SZA agrees with the sentiment that her next move will be here her best move.

“I worry so much. Like, ‘Damn, how can I be excellent?’ But it’s a journey,” she said. “I have to decide what’s excellent to me. Because I’m so stressed out, I have so many words. The next album is going to be the best I ever made in my life.”

Stream: SZA Ctrl

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