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Zonnique Pullins Is Joining the Xscape Tour

R&B singer and cast member on We tv‘s Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta is joining “The Great Xscape Tour” featuring Xscape with Monica Brown and Tamar Braxton. The addition comes just days after NeNe Leakes was booted off the tour for her incident with an audience member at her comedy show.

Zonnique is the eldest child of Tameka “Tiny” Harris. Within the last two years, she launched her solo singing career. She’s even come out with her own EP titled Love Jones. GUHHATL showcased a small portion of her journey as a solo artist.

Zonnique Pullins

The idea of having Zonnique on board is to appeal to a younger audience while giving her a shot to see if she can handle a whole tour, by herself. However, this is not her first tour. Zonnique was formerly a member of the OMG Girlz, a girl group that toured all over the country. But, this will be her first time on stage alone.

Originally, NeNe was supposed to be the opening comedy act on tour, but her harsh words got her kicked to the curb. She made an unfunny rape comment to a heckler, which she has received major backlash for. Though she has apologized, it might be too little too late.

This could also be a plot of Tiny’s part to have an extra person with her who can help take care of Heiress. Though Tiny and T.I. are back together, they are still battling over the issue of if their newest addition will be allowed to be on the road with mama. T.I. is firmly against the idea, however, Tiny thinks that she can find a way to convince him to go with her plan.

Hopefully, fans will get to see part of the tour on Xscape’s new reality show, this or next season (here’s hoping).  In the meantime, good luck to all the ladies on the tour.


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