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Atlanta Falcons implode again thanks to Steve Sarkisian

Birds With Clipped Wings

The Atlanta Falcons are in bad shape and they look lost. They did not look prepared to face the New England Patriots on Sunday night and it showed.

This was not a revenge game. It was an akin to a bigger brother slapping the shit out of his younger brother just because he can.

The only Falcons that showed a little bit of heart were wide receivers Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu.

Jones strong-armed his way into his first touchdown of the year and the Falcons only score of the game. Sanu gave Matt Ryan and consistent target when he was provided quality balls to reel in.

The issues were not the sole responsibility of Ryan’s miscues. He’s experienced issues with adapting to new schemes in the past only to thrive in them at a later date.

The scheme however has to be worth something to begin with.

Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian has had his share of personal issues. And everyone deserves a second chance and in his case third chance.

But he needs to be reminded that he’s in the big leagues and relying on college-style plays to get the job done…wont.

He also needs to learn how to make adjustments and oh…appreciate the value of Jones.

The Falcons don’t believe in taking their internal issues public.

Let’s hope that leaders such as Ryan, Jones and running back Devonta Freeman are stepping up in the background to get this thing fixed.

A casual observer can make the assessment that Sarkisian dials up plays that are repetitive and not in this personnel group’s collective best interest.

As for the defense, it can’t be overstated that three and outs will take a hungry group of hunters and render them into lethargic shells of themselves.

Complementary football trumps all in the NFL. Thanks to a flaccid offensive system the Falcons have downgraded into the second or third best team in a division that they should be dominating.

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