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Amazing Spider-Man 791: The Different Shades of Peter Parker

Devin Lewis gives insight to the new direction and romance of Spider-Man.


Spider-Man reaches new stages in life and romance as the Marvel Universe continues his adventures in Marvel Legacy. Peter Parker has never had it easy from dealing with super villains to civil wars. Now, Pete must deal with a new chapter that will affect him just the same in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #791. The comic book will have creators Dan Slott, Stuart Immonen, and Devin Lewis behind the famous wall-crawler as new obstacles meet the friendly neighborhood superhero. The comic book AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 791 releases everywhere November 16, 2017.

Dan Slott will be the head writer for the forthcoming project with Stuart Immonen responsible for stellar artwork to bring the world of the spider to life. Devin Lewis the editor behind the story gives more perspective about Peter Parker’s fate.

Devin continues to tell Marvel the new direction he and the creative team are aiming for with the next installment of Spider-Man.

“Peter’s been living the good life as the big brain behind Parker Industries-the preeminent technology company in the Marvel Universe for several months. But that position of power came with more responsibilities than ever anticipated, and Peter found himself faced with new kinds of challenges: keeping his employees fed, his customers happy-heck, even operating within the bounds of international law became a headache!

For weeks, Peter’s been carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and despite all his Spider Strength, everything’s come crashing down around him! No more Baxter Building, no more gadgets, gizmos, or doohickeys. Peter Parker heading back to square one.”

Peter will change his routine as the struggles of being a businessman and hero take hold on his mind. When things fail for the web head it’s up to Mockingbird, Bobbi Morse, to put Peter back together. Spider-Man must rediscover the will to continue his longtime commitment of having great power and great responsibility.

Devin tells Marvel the issues of romance and past love and how reconnecting with people is a hard task.

“Peter’s love life has been especially difficult ever since he came back from SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. It’s been simmering in the background of Dan’s story-it can be hard for Peter to connect with people since getting his body back.

Before Bobbi, Peter involved himself with Lian Tang, one of his most trusted advisors at Parker Industries, who turned out to be a traitor working for the dangerous criminal organization called Zodiac. That probably didn’t help Peter’s intimacy issues…”

How will the romance between Mockingbird and Spider-Man grow? What will Peter overcome and how will he return to his roots as a superhero? Find out as the story continues with the friendly neighborhood webhead in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 791 coming to stores November 16, 2017.

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